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  • Bleep

    If someone wants to be baptized, who is stopping them? Other religions baptize babies, so I guess they don't have much of a choice.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Your last post had nothing to do with this topic. Stop dragging your feet and do some REAL research outside of WT/AWAKE literature...or are you afraid of what youll find??? The Truth can be frightning.

  • Quotes

    Bleep, please address the points already being discussed. You yourself are attempting to change the thread.

    I carefully and clearly laid out my argument in a simple, paragraph delineated point-by-point fashion. Please have the courtesty to do the same. If you can.

    Changing the subject (like pointing out how some other relgions "make mistakes" (in your opinion) like baptizing babies) does nothing to address the problems in your group, or to counter arguments about perceived problems that others have pointed out here. It is however another sad example of "Poisoning the Well", yet another Logical Fallacy. Check out http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/ and click on point 33. Poisoning the Well .

    Wow, you really are pretty good at those logical fallacies BLEEP! I'll give credit where credit is due! Some of the most adept fallacious reasoning we've seen in a long time here! Congratulations!

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  • Mac

    Doesn't circular reasoning just make you dizzy as hell!?LOL

  • Quotes

    It sure does!

    Let me take the liberty of skipping forward in time about one thousand posts.

    If we can ever get BLEEP to actually discuss the issues rather than the hit-and-run, duck-and-cover style posts he has provided thus far, we will get to the point where he says:

    "Yes, it does appear that JWs fit the definition of being a cult in most key requirements, but it doesn't matter. If Jehovah is using a cult as his earthly organization, then who am I to complain. I will stick with Jehovah's organization even though you have proved, and I admit you have proved, they are a cult."

    And that would... will... be the most amazing circular reasoning of all. I have seen it before, we just may see it again. Of course, that assumes that BLEEP will stick around and actually start discussing the points in this thread; so far we have NO indication that he will do that!

  • Europe
    Other religions baptize babies, so I guess they don't have much of a choice.

    To Bleep:

    For once you are right about that Bleep!

    But what is worse, being baptized as a baby BUT being free for the rest of your life in your choice of religion, (and still having your family and friends around) OR raised as a J.W. have yourself baptized cause everybody is doing it and you dont know any better BUT being DISFELLOWSHIPPED (=being shunned by your own family and friends) if you do decide that it is not what you want for the remains of your life????????????????????

    I know the answer to that and so do you! <--- I saved you a reply, didnt I????

  • Europe

    To Bleep:

    When I go door to door, I'm looking to spread the good news

    PS: What good news??? That we all will die at Armageddon? LOL

    It didnt happen in 1914, nor in 1925 and neither in 1975!!!! Dont you get it by now?????? DF means DISFOOLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW:You go door to door because at the end of the month you are FORCED to fill in that howmanyhoursIhavepreached-form, dont you???!!!!

    So to use your own words: " I guess you dont have much choice!!!!"

  • funkyderek
    I do not take action in the worldly affairs.

    Why not? Does your religion encourage isolation from the rest of the world?

    Never do we try to convert someone over to be a JW. We are trying to encourage Bible reading.

    So what's the "offer" for this month, Bleep? The Bible, or a Watchtower publication? If someone says they already read the Bible, do you just bid them a good day and leave? The normal modus operandi of JWs is to try to "place" literature, to return to the person to place more literature and/or start a "Bible" study with one of the Watchtower's publications. The goal of those studies is the baptism of the person as a JW. Everything about the preaching work done by JWs is geared towards converting them

  • Beans

    Like the Witness at the door who can`t answer the QUESTION, the just walk away shaking there head like they know there right and we will all die. Well on to the next door KNOCK KNOCK ah man anothe not at home!

  • Europe
    Never do we try to convert someone over to be a JW. We are trying to encourage Bible reading.

    NEVER? You mean ALWAYS???

    Otherwise why is there in this little secret book of yours called " reasoning from the scriptures" about 9 pages dedicated to answers for you, in case someone says:

    I am NOT interested

    I am NOT interested in religions

    I am NOT interested in J.W.'s

    I have my OWN religion

    We all are already Christians here

    I am busy

    Why do you visit us so often?

    I am a buddhist

    I am Jewish

    I am a muslim



    In ALL those cases you ought to say: Okay, have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Never say never please! It's just bullshit!

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