Is it really so? Is there an inner circle here?

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  • jelly

    I have not hit the skids but I wouldnt mind moving in with Prisca. ;)


  • avengers


    I am a poster of ultimate evil, a rabid dog, a member of a secret "Inner clique" that actually directs Simons actions

    They're on to you man, they're on to you.

    (sorry I said that. I go sit in corner and slap myself upside the head)

  • ugg

    if there is an inner circle,,,,i will never beable to fit in.....i am square!!!!

  • SYN

    Uhoh...incoming locked, explosive thread...this is the kind of thread, in which even angels fear to tread!

  • Englishman

    Hey you guys!

    If you really think that Simon is trying to start up an inner circle then you are very mistaken IMHO. Having seen him fussing after his kids and drinking his beer, I can only say that he certainly don't come across as a seeker of world domination! Fact is he's a fairly quiet chappy, his main concern about this board is to keep it reasonably free from offensive posts so that all may enjoy it.


  • Billygoat

    Simon in the inner circle? Hahahaha! I just find that hilarious! Hahahaha! *sigh* *cough* *ahem* Sorry.

  • Prisca

    I'm with ugg - I'm of the "hip to be square" brigade!!

  • JanH

    No reason to wonder. Find out!

    Quiz: Which Inner Circle Are You?

    (How's that for a back-to-fluff potential flame resque??)

    - Jan

  • Englishman
    Simon in the inner circle? Hahahaha! I just find that hilarious! Hahahaha! *sigh* *cough* *ahem* Sorry.

    Oh, sorry, I must have a hold of the wrong end of the stick.


  • Celtic

    Cheers for all the replies lads and lasses, believe me LDH it was just a question, not starting off any controvesy, I was just posting a question that hopefully I would learn from, which I have and that's great. The answers given taught me much else too that can be cross applied into other areas of my working life. Many were humorous and many quite astute answers too were given, this is the point, opening up communication. Cheers everyone.

    Celtic Mark - Cornwall UK who's in too good a mood to post truly controversial topics.

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