Is it really so? Is there an inner circle here?

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  • teejay

    As far as what Incense_and_Peppermints said?

    Can a bruvva get a amen? Amen, Girlfriend. You slobbered a bibful that time!!

    Cliques? Did that already... for way too long. I'm my own man now.

  • COMF

    Don't believe that silliness about an inner circle. There's only an inner right triangle here.

  • SPAZnik



  • teejay

    You got that right, COMF.

    There's an inner circle here, all right, and it's across the big pond. The circle includes one Simon and maybe, if she's nice, one Angharad. Other than those two, there ain't no circle, triangle or any other geometric figure 'round here. And that's a good thing.

  • Imbue

    Hey (((Celty)))

    Ask Larc to explain who is in the inner cirlce since he is the one that mentioned the idea.

  • gravedancer


    There is no inner have the shape wrong.

  • Solace

    Celtic, I always thought you were the inner circle..

    Really though, Is there a clique here? Thats interesting. I wish others would comment. Im pretty curious. I dont think anyone here really likes me, they just let me post away & rattle on. Some respond and thats pretty cool. When I have time, if I feel I have a connection with someone, I usually e-mail them. Others probably do the same so if you happen to notice that some posters have their own conversation going on, this may be why. I currently have to get an e-mail out to teejay since I feel some kind of connection with him but Im holding off until I figure out exactly what that connection is.

  • plmkrzy
    I dont think anyone here really likes me,

    LOL...You ARE just kidding right?

    Actually there is an inner circle. It lives in the minds of a few who think they aren't in it.




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  • Solace

    PLM. I am kidding but when someone first starts posting this may be the case. Its only because others havent gotten a chance to know you and "clique with you" and the only one who can let that happen is you.

    PLM, "Actually there is an inner circle. It lives in the minds of a few who think they aren't in it."

    I agree. I think the crush thread thing is a good example. If someone wants to bond with a certain poster or posters, they should e-mail them or talk with them personally on their threads or in chat. I dont think things happen unless we make an effort ouselves.

  • Beck_Melbourne
    Actually there is an inner circle. It lives in the minds of a few who think they aren't in it.

    Now that, Celtic my dear, is the answer to your question.

    There is NO inner circle here, if there were, you would know about it and wouldn't have to ask this question.

    What IS out there, is the "suggestion" that there is an Inner we all know how we all hate cliques - right?? So the suggestion is meant to cause a division on the there are posters AND there are posters here. The pro vrs the anti is what it all comes down to.

    Those that are anti claim that an Inner Circle exists...because it makes them look pure and innocent...and victimised. It doesn't take a JanH IQ to follow some threads and posts (if you can be bothered) to see that it is the same ones moaning and whining about this 'suggested' Inner Circle. These moaners and whiners are also, what a coincidence huh!! They are also the first to point the finger at Simon for being biased...and they follow this up with nasty emails with messages like: You're an Asskisser Beck_Melbourne (due to posting once told me that its okay to be an ass-kisser so long as it is premium A Grade Ass!

    The disturbing thing I noticed yesterday however, was that SOME of the crowd are now attacking people who they think this 'suggested' Inner Circle like with comments like:

    I am not slamming you. The rabid dogs like you. Not your problem, probably not even your fault. You may still be a good person for all I know

    Even a not-so-smart gal like me can see where this is leading down the toilet where it belongs!!

    There is also some 'aussie' slamming going on at the moment which I don't appreciate in the least...ironic it is the same crowd of isn't it??

    This Inner Circle is in their own minds and they like it that way...makes them feel superior...and that is all.

    Beck *woof*

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