Is it really so? Is there an inner circle here?

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  • Celtic

    Before some of you jump down my throat thinking I'm stirring muddied waters, I'm not, but, a question has been on my mind here more often than not, who exactly is the membership made up of here, within this community, of an inner circle so to speak? You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours etc pile of poo.. Personally, I've had enough of clicky groups and cliches to last me a lifetime, so, who are these guys that try to keep others excluded from their small brained 'in club'?

    Celtic Mark - Cornwall UK

  • Crazy151drinker

    Actually, I am keeping Bleep locked up in my small brain inner circle prison. I put out a warrant for YOU KNOWs arrest, but we all know how slithery he is so it might take a while to nab him.

  • SYN

    The first rule of the Inner Circle of JWD is, you don't talk about the Inner Circle.

    I bet y'all can guess what the SECOND rule is!

  • Celtic


  • Elsewhere

    That information will cost you $1000.00 US. Just use PayPal to send it to my email address.

  • Crazy151drinker


    Someone broke the first rule, otherwise how would he know??? We will have to get to the bottom of this......

  • willy_think

    It is true there is an inner circle here however, applications are not being accepted at this time.

    I have begun the application process for the newly formed, star chamber inquisitors, the S.T.I. will be responsible for all judicial proceedings here at JWD and will be run following the proven WT standards. interested parties must be untrained, close-minded, and sexist men. If you fit the criteria feel free to apply.

  • Englishman

    I'm not aware of any inner circle. I do know that there was a group here last year who fancied setting up an elite forum, but they don't post here anymore.

    To be quite honest, I tend to recoil somewhat from the "group identity" thing, one of the best things about this board is that we can all be individuals who are able to post our real thoughts without having to toady to some group or individual.


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    so, who are these guys that try to keep others excluded from their small brained 'in club'?

    ... there's cliques everywhere. who cares? do you, i mean really? anybody who needs to be in a clique to survive on a message board, or anywhere for that matter, is pretty weak if you ask me. what are the alleged benefits anyway? having people answer your posts, support your aruments, remain silent when they disagree with you, or watch your back, etc? as if you can't do that for yourself? (editorial you)

    i don't understand all of this "i made jedi" thing, so pat me on the back. woo-hoo.... as a former witness, i left cliques and exclusivity and other people being responsible for my feelings far behind. the danger of cliques is that somewhere along the line, you are gonna have to kiss someone's a$$ sooner or later. those days are long-gone, thank god.

    ~that uppity incense chick

  • ConnieLynn

    Nicely said Incense_and_Peppermints, I agree with you 100%. Thank goodness we're free (or heading in that direction) of the need to seek approval, (Now by saying that, I'm not kissing your a$$ or anything okay)?

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