Apostates don't burn they just stay dead.

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  • avengers
    Maybe if the Apostates stayed in God's Organization they would have learned some good Principles

    They stayed in "God's Organization" The apostates are the ones running the Watchtower. They're the ones deceiving the flock, leading evryone away from the Truth. That's apostacy at it's worst. Stupid thread.

  • ISP

    Bleep I said

    The WTS has done fine without Satan..in confusing mankind generally regard the Bible. Was there a time dubs ever had a 'clear understanding'.......? What you don't have can't be taken from you...can you get that?

    I don't think you understood. The WTS have confused their followers pretty well with regard to the Bible......Yes, and was there ever a time dubs had a clear understanding? Can you explain the latest 'generation' doctrine? What you don't have (a clear understanding) can't be taken away from you..


  • Bleep

    LDH, I know my rights and principles of ethics. I have used one abusive word in quotes showing that others like to use the word when describing people who are really dumb and foolish.

    Crazydrinka is the one to blame since every other post has that word in it. Why not shed a little light on that guy? ROFL

  • Bleep

    LDH, please read some more stuff I have in these shreds. I already have shown evidence from the Bible that my hell would be empty.

    You might want to try the middle of page two on my topic of hellfire. In page three I have a brief history of the Hellfire Doctrine on that same thread.

    Page 2 of this topic half way down. Page 4 almost at the bottom.

    If you have any good questions get back to me.

  • Bleep

    Trying to take Satan out of the picture ISP?

  • larc

    Bleep, you said that people are not being judged today. That is not what your literature says, "Because of continuing in unbelief the present inhabitiants of the earth are judged and condemned already." (Let God Be True, p. 285.) A similiar statement is made in the book, Reasoning From The Scriptures. I have asked you 6 times now, to show me quotes contrary to what I have shown you. I also asked you to show me anything regarding the men of Sodom written after 1988 that agrees with your assertion.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Did you die from a double edge sword?


    Could you tell me what it was like then? Please tell me more.

    Why would I do that? You wouldn't believe what anyone but a JW would tell you anyway...besides, it's kind of "casting the pearls before swine" thing.... nof offense.

  • The Devil
    The Devil

    First if you all must know there are several options of what can happen when you die. I will let you in as long as you promise not to go arond telling everybody.

    First there is the places you can go. And believe me it doesnt matter if you are good of bad here on earth because your sould are actually decided by a chess game between myself and god. If he wins he will get you and if I win I will get you. Then comes the fun part (when I win anyway). I pick the three things you hate and/or fear the most and you get to pick your eternal torture. Sometimes of coarse, just to make things fun, I give you all three and call it a day. So you could freeze or burn or my personal favorite: get chased by horny ostritches.

    And Bleep can you guess which one I am setting aside for you?


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