This religion is about to be toast.

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  • sparky1

    YES!! Pink ties are OK as long as you are wearing a white shirt and a dull drab grey-blue suit.

  • hoser

    In the picture the bridesmaid in the center is not smiling. I wonder why?

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Cause she's jealous that the sister getting married took the last available MS on the island.....

  • sparky1

    Perhaps the Groom is the last Ministerial Servant left in her circuit and she thinks she can never get married? Maybe she committed fornication with the Groom and knows that he is lousey in bed. She might be torn between confessing to the Elders and be disfellowshipped or telling the unfortunate Bride that she is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Maybe she is a single mother and the Groom molested her child and the Elders told her not to gossip about it and she wants to warn the Bride but doesn't want to be disfellowshipped for causing divisions. Maybe the brother giving the talk just farted and she is about to puke? I guess only she knows for sure.

  • wifibandit
  • Dagney

    What stands out to me is the picture is showing a relatively young/vibrant age older ones. I think that is on purpose to appeal to a younger crowd and to show what "hip" organization it is. (NOT! Same boring, tedious, destructive message.) I don't think it's a fair or accurate picture of a congregation.

    Nice try WT.


  • sir82

    In the 2nd picture, the little kid looks like he's about to hurl his spaghetti-o's on that microphone....

  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn

    Sloppyjoe2 is absolutely correct in his first comment. And adding to that is the so true fact that for the vast majority of us JWs is nothing more than a social club of sorts, a place we were born into, grew up with, or just the plain familiar aspect of it. Take the good, which far out weighs the bad and keep on going!


  • EndofMysteries

    The article should be titled, "marry only in the GB". Since the "Lord" means followers of Christ and the GB don't deem any other religion to be followers of Christ even though they themselves aren't followers of Christ either.

  • skeeter1

    I know a female JW who will never, ever, EVER consider marrying a brother. She has repeatedly told me this over the years. They (men, especially JW men) are too domineering, abusive, sex filled, etc. . But, she still clings for the "hope" of everlasting life so she's a devout JW sister. Now, wouldn't a non-cult hypnotized person think that if this religions was sooooooooo, "Jehober darn wonderful", that the men who follow it would also be the most eligible men ever? (Skeeter bangs head against wall).

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