This religion is about to be toast.

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  • Clambake

    Is this running just before christmas to make all the sisters with UBM feel guilty or are they really going to make marrying a UBM a disfellowing offence ??

    If so, the looks like they might breed themselves out of existance. At least the brothers will have a greater pile of pussy to choose from.

  • morningworship

    You would be surprised how many Brothers and Sisters have more doubts than they have faith. Many just hold on for the comfort of the system. Bingo!

  • prologos

    Marriage would actually not a destroyer, but a prolonger of cult's lifes.

    Secular people often just hook up, they do not want the committment (to marry is like being committed), and the potential cost of divorces. But

    marrying outside your religion could be the first step to a fade, the fear of the faithfull slave.

  • belbab

    1Cor 7:39 says that a married woman should stay with her husband as long as he is alive. If he sleeps in death, then she is free to marry whomever she wantsonly in lord. Only in lorddoes not mean she can only marry someone who is a Jehovhs Witness. She can marry anyone who follows the principles and teachings of the one called Jesus. Many people in many lands follow the sayings principles far better than Jehovahs Witnesses. Many have given up their lives to deliver others in difficulties through charitable works.


  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    The sister in the article needs to buy more clothes, her bridesmaid dress and the dress she wears to the meeting are the same dress. That's probably why she's not married, if the wedding was on Saturday and the meeting is on Sunday, it probably still has stains of kimchi and wedding cake. No self-respecting brother could marry a sister with only one dress!

  • androb31

    In the picture the bridesmaid in the center is not smiling. I wonder why?

    She has gas and she's trying to slip one out quietly


    In the picture the bridesmaid in the center is not smiling. I wonder why?

    She slept with the groom............................

  • AndDontCallMeShirley


    "Some brothers have likewise waited to find an appropriate mate. Bill from Australia is one such brother... Bill waited for 30 years before he met a sister with whom he was compatible."

    30 years?!?! WTF ! 30 YEARS?! Again I ask- WTF ? !

    That's the best the all-powerful, "loving" god Jehovah could do for his friend Bill? I'm truly underwhelmed.

    "compatible" = she is a JW. That's it. Nothing more.

    Bill says: “I have no regrets.” He explains: “I feel blessed because we go out in the ministry together, study together, and worship together. I am happy to meet and associate with my wife’s friends because they are all fellow worshippers of Jehovah. We work on our marriage using Bible principles.”

    The Lie: “I have no regrets.” Reality: Bill is now so old he doesn't know what "regrets" means.

    Notice that he doesn't say he actually loves his wife and found his soulmate. Nope! His dream girl (old woman) goes to the meetings and door-to-door... that's what Billy dreamed of his entire life. He set the bar so low that disappointment was virtually impossible.

    "Dear Jehovah: please find me a woman with a pulse, that's all I ask. Thank you." --Your gullible friend, Bill.

    Oh, and she has friends. Wow, Bill. Awesome, dude! You found a keeper.

  • millie210

    She has Witness "friends"

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    I read lips and speak Korean. I'm pretty sure he's saying, "This article is pure bullsh*t !!!! Did T-Mo3 write this crap?! I'm 5 years-old and can see right through this idiotic bovine residue."

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