This religion is about to be toast.

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  • sparrowdown

    That kid is saying "even North Korea would be preferable to this bs, someone call child services before they baptise me"

  • Blackfalcon98

    What article did this come from?

    Could the OP post link please?

  • Blackfalcon98
  • stuckinarut2

    Oh and don't even think of marrying in order to enjoy 'carnal pleasures'!

    Sex is a guilt ridden activity in the org....even amongst married ones who didnt really marry due to love....which is MOST witnesses!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    In the picture the bridesmaid in the center is not smiling. I wonder why?

    It was somewhat surprizing to see this photo showing an Asian Sister with dyed hair. It's my "understanding" that it's somewhat frowned upon and sort of trashy for in Asian countries for women (especially JW women) to lighten their hair or perm it. I say this because a bunch of 19-20 year old Asian girls were hosted for the summer by some people in my former KH and the big deal coming from their families was that none of the girls was to do anything like that to their hair or they'd be in hot water when they got home.

    Maybe the contemplative looking Bridesmaid is thinking "So I follow the all the rules....keep my hair natural like they said we should, while Miss Peroxide up there ends up getting married and once again I'm just the Bridesmaid ".

  • jemba

    Ha ha the middle bridesmaid is like.... 'cmon, I liked him first biatch'!!

  • jemba

    Whoops, just saw some much better responses for the middle bridesmaid. JDubbed - I slept with the groom ha ha.

    There was a serious lack of available men in my circuit. Lucky I had my cutie right under my nose the whole time, unbaptised guy sometimes affiliated with the cult through his parents. Actually got me disfellowshipped when I insisted I was marrying him after getting caught screwing him. We are quite happily married 20 years now without our families or the cult.

    Elders are power and control freaks!

  • Vidiot

    J-Dubbed - "Are all the J-Dub Clubs together as one? Or is Canada and USA seperate from each other?"

    They register seperately in each country, but they all take their marching orders from HQ in the US.

    J-Dubbed - "When people talk about this 'Cult' crumbling, does that mean all over the country?"

    It means all over the world (eventually).

    The US first, though, 'cause it's predominantly an American religion, and whatever happens there, ripples out.


    "J-Dub Club"... that's good; I'll have to remember that one.

  • flipper

    ANDDONTCALLMESHIRLEY- Really funny stuff ! LOL. " Some brothers have likewise waited.......... Bill waited for 30 YEARS before he met a sister with whom he was compatible . " Translation : The REAL story - " We realize that Bill may have committed some " secret sins " along the way like masturbation during those 30 years - but Jehovah is merciful and didn't want him to suffer from the affliction called " blue balls " so that his new wife wouldn't have to drag him down the aisle because he couldn't walk ! The elders are aware of Bill's problems and are dealing with him and have offered loving counsel to restore him to the good graces of Jehovah's loving congregation and arrangement. " Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Seriously though- I think the child abuse lawsuit cases numbering about what now ? 25 to 30 cases in the U.S. alone ? Those are going to deplete the WT Society very much financially and if they have to divulge information from their files to public courts - there may be a lot more damning evidence against WT leaders than any of us really know or are aware of. I'm hoping THAT info will come spilling out into the open. In the courts AND in the national media - big time

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