This religion is about to be toast.

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  • kneehighmiah

    The governing body is preparing to take a major hit. This recent watchtower shows it. Not the new understandings, but the article on marriage. As time goes on many people are getting more and more frustrated by unfulfilled promises. Especially young ones. The watchtower is now practically begging members to stay, while rebranding the entire thing. It's really sad. Combine that with the fallout of the sex abuse cases, many people will start waking up. The governing body is smart enough to know they can't hide everything. I expect them to continue their transition to a mainstream religion.

  • blondie

    how many jws know about the abuse cases and those who do how many believe that it is full of Satan's lies?

  • prologos

    khm, what article on marriage and what particular point please?

  • wifibandit
  • prologos

    thank you. WT is mascarading as a mind - reader for Jehovah, but how will this spell the end of the wtBtS inc.? China has the opposite problem, too many men, fewer ladies. where there is a will, there should be a way!

    How many cases do we have of people "studying", taking the 'truth', getting baptized,- just to catch that object of their affection?

    after all what are rules for? --to be broken! obstacles?-- to be overcome!

    Date? not as in Rendez-vous but of the mag?

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    It's astounding that WT prints this kind of rubbish considering that TMo3 recently said that any JW woman considering marrying a man who is not at least a Ministerial Servant is making a bad decision. A man who is not an MS or elder is not a man.

    That, coupled with the laundry list of other rules, written and unwritten, that JWs must adhere to Re: dating/marriage, and WT remains befuddled why JWs are exasperated? JWs don't marry for love... they marry for the Organization. Not a great start.

    Is the WT cult going away? No. There will always be gullible people who need someone else to do their thinking for them; there will always be people that guide themselves by fantasy and childish stories rather than grown-up reality.

    Is the GB losing their grip? Yes. Fortunately, the ones who see through the nonsense leave the Org, but the GB still holds absolute influence over those that stay...and the cycle of abuse perpetuates ad nauseum.

  • millie210

    What I got out of the article is the subtext in the picture....

    DO NOT wear a dress with cleavage!!!

    NO to the bridesmaids on advertising the wares

    NO to the bride

    NO NO NO

    and it doesnt hurt if you are WELL in to your 30s at the wedding

    and dont forget to wear your hair stringy (modest) with a limp flower hanging in it!

    Oh yay! This will go in every Witness girls dream book of her wedding for sure while she hunts down her ministerial servant or above husband!

    and wait!

    a bit of trivia but wasnt the idea of decorating the aisle seats considered wrong previously? I remember back in the 70's being told we shouldnt do that because it was TOO much like when people decorate the pews at weddings in a (gasp) church.

    ok, I think thats about it.....

  • sloppyjoe2

    Sorry, this religion isn't going anywhere. Tax free money is the key. JWs don't care about doctrine changes, don't care about child abuse lawsuits, they don't care about anything but their paradise. This religion will be around long after all of us are. It survived 1914, 1925, 1975, the generation that would not pass away. It will survive more.

  • Stealth

    What they write in their public rags and what they say from the platform are two different things. A.M III just proved that recently with regard to marriage.

    Jehovah may know and care how these single JWs feel (Watchtower)... But the GB really does not give a rats ass. (A.M III comments to all JWs).

  • Tenacious

    I agree that they will survive unless the government starts investigating their pattern of child abuse, their tax exempt status, and their violation of UN human rights.

    Noting the aforemention points, they are coming down hard on the younger generation trying to indoctrinate them as early as possible. The younger the mind, the easier it is to mold. The hell with what the Bible says, just as long as they are able to be indoctrinated (mind controlled), baptized (enslaved), good member (trapped).

    They love to have entire families join so the bond is that much tighter and by the time they try to leave, too much to lose.

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