This religion is about to be toast.

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  • sir82

    The WTS is merely one of dozens of cults / high control groups available to people who are mentally and/or emotionally disposed to be abused.

    Such groups come and go, but there will always be something, as long as there is a need to fill.

    The WTS has shown itself to be more resilient than most groups.

    I think its days of growth are gone, though. It will soon begin a slow & gradual decline into (further) irrelevance.

    50 or so years from now, JWs will be about as (non) numerous & prominent as, say, Christadelphians or Quakers. An odd historical footnote, and every time they are mentioned, people will say "are they still around?"

  • Caedes

    So what does the rest of the article say, it's difficult to tell what they are trying to say from just the introduction

  • Jeannette

    This religion isn't leaving, too bad.

  • Vidiot

    kneehighmiah - "The watchtower is now practically begging members to stay, while rebranding the entire thing."

    Yup; the very impression I get, too.

    Don't be fooled, though, the "rebranding" is just on the surface. In terms of internal policy, nothing has changed; it has, in fact, been reinforced.

    kneehighmiah - "The governing body is smart enough to know they can't hide everything."


    The Governing Body actually believes that they can hide whatever the f**k they want, 'cause God's got their back, "Caesar's Law" be damned.

    kneehighmiah - "I expect them to continue their transition to a mainstream religion."

    Never gonna happen.

    Authentic mainstreaming requires significant policy and doctrinal changes, most of which are impossible for the WTS at this point; they've painted themselves far too tightly into an ideological corner.

    The degree of progressive reform they'd need to implement? They'd no longer be Jehovah's Witnesses.


    EDIT: I can understand you wanting to believe that, though.

    Feeling that way would definately make it easier to imagine friends and family eventually accepting your exit or even leaving themselves someday (after all, if the JWs become "just another denomination" there wouldn't be much incentive to stay anymore, would there?)

  • Ignoranceisbliss

    In order to survive the Borg has to be able to attract normal middle class families. I know of none in the past 15 years that picked it up. Maybe a couple. But no families. Unless they do, each successive generation of born ins seems to get less resolute in their stand for the Borg. It will be a slow death.

  • AlphaMan

    50 or so years from now, JWs will be about as (non) numerous & prominent as, say, Christadelphians or Quakers.

    But we want to see the Watchtower crash & burn now. LOL

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    @ Vidiot - Ditto

  • Vidiot

    AlphaMan - "But we want to see the Watchtower crash & burn now. LOL"

    No, you don't.


    Historically, authoritarian regimes that shatter spectacularly often manage to actually recover and begin anew.

    It's the ones that bleed out slowly - "not with a bang but a whimper" - that tend to stay dead.


    Trust me; it'll be far more satisying in the long run.


    Are all the J-Dub Clubs together as one? Or is Canada and USA seperate from each other? When people talk about this "Cult" crumbling, does that mean all over the country?

  • Dutchdelight

    So bright coloured socks are a no go, but pink ties are ok?

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