Am I the youngest one on here?

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  • Finkelstein

    Even if you don't believe in this religion through its doctrinal teachings, you should at least perhaps offer some level of respect on the intent of

    protecting individuals from harm and the direction away from harmful human social behavior.

  • smiddy

    Welcome Capstone

  • Apognophos

    Give it some time. If you're going to college, you'll no doubt make friends there.

  • LisaRose

    It is hard at first, it's a major change and it takes time to build friendships. It will get better though, in five years you will look back and realize how quickly the time passed, whereas if you went back the pain would be for the rest of your life.

    The year I left and cut all ties with the organization I also divorced, moved to a different state, changed jobs and got remarried. I would NOT recommend that, lol, but I survived and built a new life and so will you.

    Hang in there.

  • 3rdgen

    Welcome Capstone, You are having a bad day. Here is a hug from me. The teen years are stressful enough and now you are in the awkward stage of being between friends. At this point, don't you think that having a couple of GENUINE friends is better than a Kingdom Hall full of CONDITIONAL ones? Try to make more real friends at school by being cheerful, friendly, and interested in others. Ask a prospect about themself -like what they do for hobbies or fun, music they like, movies, etc. People LOVE to talk about themselves. Be a good listener. You will have more friends in no time. Also we will always be here for you.

  • Fernando

    Hi and welcome Capstone.

    There have been a fair number your age and sometimes even younger, who have awoken to the lies and falsehoods of (this) religion. On JWN they are probably the minority.

    According to a PEW study though, around 2 out of every 3 brought up as JWs, no longer follow the Watchtower organisation.

    Many of us wish we had also awoken at an earlier age and made better use of our youth.

    It would probably be very wise to keep your thoughts to yourself when you are with religionists who are not ready or mature enough to deal with viewpoints that threaten their myopic (small) and intransigent (hard to shift) worldview or mindset.

    Personally I am delighted that my awakening (although later in life) has allowed me to see how any and all religion is hostile (in varying degrees) to genuine/organic faith and spirituality based on the 5 solas (of the reformation).

    Religion is about hierarchies, power, control, fear of death, clericalism, magisterium, hypocrisy, self-righteousness, works-righteousness, dogma, sectarianism, fundamentalism, irrationality, legalism, moralism, conservatism, and apostasy.

    The liberating gospel of grace was designed specifically to set us free from all these things (and is therefore surreptitiously resisted and obfuscated by religion/ists).

    At any rate, I wish you wisdom, success, prosperity and happiness on life's challenging journey.



    South East Queensland, Australia

  • Gregor

    Welcome, Cappy!

    You have an exciting journey ahead of you and you have already met the first hurdle.

  • humbled

    Remember what you said in the beginning. YOU ARE YOUNG.

    The terrors are worse when you haven't been down the road before. But this is a HUGE thing you are doing. It is not a little thing--But others have done it, and you will too.

    You will need to identify a support system as soon as possible --more than one person if possible. For now, make one that school counselor. Really. She is confidential--you need that and-- she started out with you. You need someone to help keep track of your journey. Hold her to her responsibility to you.

    And find friend to have FUN with. Yes talk to them--but they are not likely to understand what's up with you. Not really. But do have some good times.

    But you must make up your mind that this is a HARD TIME--especially because you have never done anything like it before. And you have no one to help you through it---except here, of course.

    But get some flesh and blood to help--do.

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