December 1,2014 watchtower saying buying house is bad

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  • awakenyr2004

    Don't have kids, don't buy a house, don't go to college, don't do anything without our written approval! Sick Sick Sick! Just sit tight and give us all your time and money. The end is so close! We can make better use of the money by paying off lawsuits. We need to make sure the org gets to the new world without any financial debt.

  • frankiespeakin


    There is only an advice giving to not buy a house if you can not afford it.. The problem is the interpretation a few JW's could give.. a lot of other papers, did already give this advice, in times of crisis..l But everybody of us now their own economic situation, and has to evaluate personally, if it is wise to buy a house..It's a personal decision..and if you decide it, enjoy living in your new house..

    Yes you are partially right, but your interpretation of only a few JWs taking it wrongly is faulty. I don't think that was the GB's intentent. They want complete and total loyalty to what is printed, remember the song title "Listen Obey And Be Blessed". The GB's intention is to bring everyone in line with Corporation goals of seeking first the benefits of the Corporation. Which is the ideal and financial under pinnings of running this Corporation which makes profits from free labor of it's devotees.

  • Zoos

    Isn't the governing body in the process of building themselves a new house as we speak?

  • Oubliette

    Zoos, yes, but they can AFFORD it.

    Why? Because they have 8 million people supporting their lazy asses.

    I could live pretty nicely too if I had 8 million devoted followers paying for my every want and need.

  • rebel8

    zoos, good point!

    I think the article is saying buying houses is bad, in cultspeak.

  • bobld

    Why not give an experience of a family who bought a house 25 years ago.Something like this.

    You know WBTS/FDS we bought a house 25 years ago.We have no mortage payments,no stress,no pain,no worries of house or rent payments.Also we can cut down on our work hours.In fact we can save for our retirement.BUT we will not spent any time fooling people with your phony,end time,around the corner paradise bs.

  • WTWizard

    One needs to weigh the costs, objectively. Is owning the house cheaper than renting? What about water bills? Or maintaining things that landlords are generally responsible. If you are going to move soon, renting is usually better. Then there is the issue with abusive banks--they would love to "lose" your last mortgage payment and foreclose on your home, repossessing it (so you lose your home and all equity in it) only to process and keep that last payment late (and it counts as a late payment, ruining your credit). The big banks, trying to enslave the world, are in on that.

    However, this is not absolute and should not be taken as "spiritual weakness". If you are planning on staying a long time, mortgage and taxes (and all other expenses) are below rent values, and you can find reliable financing that is not going to yank your house out from under you by "misplacing" your last payment or you can pay with cash (or silver, as silver could go up so high you can get a nice home for 5 ounces of silver at fair value), you are better off owning. And no, the hounders have no business in shaming you for having that much cash (or silver) to buy your house. There are some people that simply cannot be out in field circus for extended periods, regardless (myself being one of them) for reasons having nothing to do with physical health. If such people can get into work that is rewarding (field circus is not) and can make a good living to afford a nice house (or invests in silver while no one wants it, hold on through the price smash downs, and wait for the colossal shortage that is coming to buy it with silver), they should be able to do so without communist hounders pestering them.

    Additionally, they should not be pestered to use their homes for field circus meeting places or as places where boasting sessions are held. Congregations often abuse this provision, and "No" should be an allowed answer on the grounds that they wish not to experience this abuse.

  • jwfacts

    It is an incredibly naive concept for the article to say renting is less of a burden. In places like Australia, where property prices double every ten years, a home loan costs more than tent for just the first few years, but after that increasing rents mean that paying for a loan is less than the cost of rent. JWs that criticized me for buying a house are now paying far more on rent than I do on the home loan.

  • Enzo

    Jwj facts: A very good point: In the Netherlands, and Belgium the rent is so low, at this moment...that you can better by a House if you can afford it..

  • prologos

    having your own house is one of the wt promises, the carrot that they hold out to the masses, so by creating more renters through their rants, they make the carrot more widely appealing.

    a jwfact: doubling houseprices in a decade shows you the bourgoisie decadence the wt decries, but practises.

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