" Do not ask permission, just play the video--" service meeting instructions.

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  • sowhatnow

    wow, If my mother brings this up, Im going to ask her how that is not the most irritating invasive thing ever,

    and then ill procede to get my laptop and without permission start to play one of the many videos on you tube exposing the watchtwers roots

    OR better yet, get her revelation and live forever books out and show her all the subliminal images that i circled.....

  • designs

    I think they should hire trained monkeys....


    Good idea! Each JW could have a trained monkey who spins a crank and the video plays!! Monkeys are sooo cute!!! Who wouldn't donate a couple bucks?!?


  • Daisychaindream

    So coming back to this (I was approached by an elder for the last fifteen minutes of the meeting and I missed the item) is this now to replace the presentation suggestions in the Km? Or is this just something for people to try??

  • Bangalore

    Very bad manners.Householders will find it quite rude.


  • cultBgone

    The ASL congs have been doing this for years...and you know everyone loved certain videos in Sign! Just sayin...

  • AlphaMan

    I think they should hire trained monkeys....

    Making monkeys work for the Watchtower would definately be animal cruelty. However, GB 2.0 would probably consider it if the publisher numbers keep declining, and they could teach them to fill out a time report. LOL

  • wannabefree

    During the age of the phonograph, I could be wrong, but I believe these were provided by "The Society". Just wait til Gramma's forced to purchase their little iPads (or androids) start dropping them while fumbling at the door and getting cracked screens. This could get costly for these folks.

  • Zordino

    It's such a sad state what this religion's been reduced to, I'm starting to really feel bad for the old timer rank and file JW.

  • stuckinarut2

    un freakin believable....

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