" Do not ask permission, just play the video--" service meeting instructions.

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  • AlphaMan

    I always had my bible out when knocking on a door. I wanted to at least let them see I had something to do with the bible. I can't imagine knocking on someone's door then immediately going into playing a JW.ORG video on some tach gaget. That is just retarded.

  • bohm

    Jgnat: really? guess i blew my chance to be married to an unfamiliar japanese chick..

  • Quarterback

    That sounds like such an abuse of Technology. Would you dare knock at someone's door, and tell them, "Hi there, Listen to this song, on my tablet"

  • Londo111

    Darkspliver: thanks! I didn't see that first time around.

    15 min:Use jw.org in Your Ministry.” Discussion. Demonstrate the presentation in paragraph 2. Then ask the audience: What advantages are there to having the video downloaded to our portable device? Why is it often best to play the video for the householder without a long introduction or without asking for permission? What experiences have you had using this video in the ministry? Conclude by encouraging publishers to become familiar with the various features of jw.org and to make use of the Web site in their ministry.

  • Stealth

    What next, spam peoples email accounts with links to videos on JW.ORG? Seems much more efficient than going door to door.

  • westiebilly11

    suspect the video approach is because the org don't trust the witnesses to deliver a message....because basically they don't know why they're calling on people anymore...

  • Londo111

    I'm really floored. Is the Watchtower trying to make JWs pests again? Perhaps to play the persecution card?

  • darkspilver

    @Stealth: What next, spam peoples email accounts with links to videos on JW.ORG?

    NO! NO! NO! Not a link to a video on jw.org - JWs can't count them on their monthly reports! D'oh!

    Much better to send a PDF of a magazine, tract or brochure - at least THOSE CAN be counted on their reports ;)

    Kingdom Minstry December 2012, page 5

    "Attach a downloaded PDF or an EPUB to an e-mail... Each time you give someone who is not baptized a complete electronic book, brochure, or magazine, you may count it as a placement."

    In English:

    Or select another language - wayyyyyy too many too list ;)

    That's all folks!

    DarK SpliveR

  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn

    pro logos,

    Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    That is not how the written instructions go on the KM leaflet. Anyone that reads it, unbiased that is, knows it.

    Lies, lies, lies!!!


  • wifibandit

    Funny. In Spanish it just says "without a long introduction?"

    15 min. “ Usemos jw.org en el ministerio .” Análisis con el auditorio. Presente una demostración basada en el párrafo 2 . Pregunte al auditorio: ¿Por qué es buena idea descargarnos el video en nuestros dispositivos móviles? ¿Por qué conviene a veces mostrar el video directamente, sin hacer una introducción larga? ¿Hemos tenido alguna experiencia utilizando este video en la predicación? Concluya animando a los publicadores a familiarizarse con el contenido de jw.org y a usar nuestro sitio de Internet en el ministerio.

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