Why do you come here?

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  • LogCon

    I come here:

    1 - To learn things about the 'organization' that I would never have known otherwise.

    2 - To get the perspective of those who have been part of the 'organization', both pro and con.

    3 - To see where falsehoods and misinformation have been fed to the 'sheep'.

    4 - To understand the historical foundation of the 'organization'.

    5 - To give my perspective.

    6 - To further the honourable cause of 'truth telling'.

    7 - To have a more accurate understanding of the Bible.

    8 - To see the comments of certifiable 'wing nuts'.

    9 - To sympathize with those who seemingly have been wronged in their treatment by the 'organization'.

    10 - To find posters and comments that agree with my thinking.

    11 - To fill in the empty evening hours with nothing else to do.

    12 - To justify decades of time and energy spent supporting the 'organization'.

    13 - To add to the information I feel I need, to figure out 'why I am on this planet and where I am going from here'.

  • Ucantnome

    I really don't know.

    I've spent some time recently reviewing some of my old posts and even though Ive not been a witness for some years it still feels sort of alien, weird, to have posted some of the things I have.

    I find it irritates me that I've felt a need to. It irritates me that I've had to defend my position when ive spoken to elders. It goes against the grain for me.

  • prologos

    Classic: "turrets syndrome" by simon

    confined in the turret of the W-TOWER or other terminal religious prison (institution)

    Logcon well expressed for me too.

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