I loathe authority

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  • DJS

    Punk and BluePill,

    Ditto. I've been a fan of Tolkien for decades - he has influenced popular culture about as much as anyone. The longer I live on the planet the more of an anarchist I become. I know lots of authority people (cops, feds, etc.) and most of them actually carry out their responsibilities as well as humans can be expected. But cops are often drawn to police work because of the enforcement part of law enforcement (Myers Briggs round pegs in round holes), and politicians and other leader types (e.g. elders) are drawn to leadership a lot of times because of an innate desire to control/have power over others/ego. There are a lot of good leaders; unfortunately even they often succumb to their own ego (e.g., Joe Paterno). Even when I'm the authority I hate it.

    Great OP and lots of excellent comments. Thanks Team. This one is a keeper.

  • BluePill2

    As one famous Anarchist said: "The police is not in the business of protection, they are in the business of revenge." The Police is not protecting you and cannot protect you. Look at all the crime happening despite heavily armed Police units. They are not even preventing crime (which would involve a deeper involvement and investing mostly in education and a good social environment).

    If you are in line for something, you don't need a cop to "organize" things. People self-organize. The eventual asshole that cuts the line will be called by the others (the group) or everybody decides unconsciously that he is an asshole, let him cut the line, and go ahead with their own business. Most human interactions are self-organizating without the involvement of a higher authority or the government.

    You can read up on tribal societies that worked wonderfully without a central planning entity. This leads to more "locality" and stronger neighborhood ties, familie ties. Local communities become more important than supra-federal-government entities (that are anonymous anyway and totally removed from the problems of a specific community).

  • Apognophos

    Yes, because people are capable of and willing to police their own neighborhoods

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