Scottish independance in two days what do you think?

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  • Simon

    Not sure how much you've been watching the campaign, but it's pretty clear that a huge chunk of those people only voted "no" because of the panic concession promises that the party leaders in Westminster made a week before the vote, when it looked like the "Yes" campaign was making ground.

    I don't think it's fair to decide why anyone voted as they did. I couldn't find anwers to many basic questions so couldn't that equally be the reason? Can we declare that "yes" voters did it for some reason that we want to attribute to them? People voted how they did because they believed it offered the best future for them and their family - if that was "no" then it's because the "yes" camp didn't convince them that their vision of the future was a better one.

    I actually think the late promises and concessions were a mistake and unecessary. These types of referendum nearly always have flattering polls with people backing away from the choice when it comes down to the final vote.

  • galaxie

    Westminster skullduggery!! So quickly apparent.

    The high heid yins skillfully wielded the con.

    Gordon brown, milliband and Cameron will now be at loggerheads.

    Meanwhile those who desperately need proper governance look on at the shambles about to be played out.

  • galaxie

    Loyalists now descending on george sg' glasgow. Union jacks flying.

    Sectarian songs rangers tattoos and no real political message only reminders of loyalty to king William of orange .

    All these people would have voted no to indepencance as being loyal to the queen and gt Britain

    Who needs this madness.

  • scotsman

    The referendum didn't break the Union but it's clearly cracked. And curiously it appears that some English MPs are choosing to widen that crack.

  • Qcmbr

    The political impetus is now there to deal fairly with the rest of the UK. In all this devolution it is the English who seem to lose out everytime. It feels like having to give whining kids a bigger slice of the cake, at your expense, just to keep them quiet. Well tough - now that Scotland had a chance at grabing as much power as they can its time for the rest of the UK to have the same rights. I suspect that in the future the Barnett formula will be replaced as it is perceived as unfair and I hope that MPs from non-English countes will have the right to vote on English matters removed. Scotland has made the correct choice in staying in the Union as it makes everyone richer, gives better opportunities at home and abroad but they've managed to do it by leaving a very bad taste in the mouth. That said I'm glad we are still an advert to the world regarding democracy and how to do it in a grown up fashion. Over the last decade the UK has done some incredible things together , Westminster for all the people complainig about it has done a bang on job with the economy , with security and with the welcoming and fostering of unity through diversity and tolerance and I'm glad that will be allowed to continue. Why anyone , in a world of fractured , anarchic, corrupt and war torn states would want to break up this splendid union that is arguably the greatest the world has ever seen is beyond me.

  • scotsman

    i understand your perspective Qcmbr but also understand why you can't understand a different narrative. Constitutional change lead by a Conservative Party with UKIP breathing down its neck is going to lead to a rocky road ahead, better buckle up!

  • confusedandalone

    " Why anyone , in a world of fractured , anarchic, corrupt and war torn states would want to break up this splendid union that is arguably the greatest the world has ever seen is beyond me."

    Because in order for Britian to be what it is and what it was in the past it got there by the most disgusting means imaginable. It broke up and destroyed the cultures and kingdoms of hundreds of nations and then used these lands as their personal bank.

  • galaxie

    Hi qcmbr;...your explaining exactly why many Scots wanted independence;... IE Look after our own affairs and not have to be as you so kindly put it be whining kids.

    Arguably the greatest union the world has ever seen is cracking at the seams.

    Perhaps you need to look closer beneath the veneer to understand why Scotland sought independence.

    Best wishes.

  • Gregor

    Although I am a Yank I have followed this for some years. Sean Connery has been very much in favor Scottish independence. He has been silent in the current campaign - because he is an eightysix year old tax exile living in the Bahamas!

    I think the Scots made the right decision. We are planning another UK visit and look forward to including beautiful Scotland.

  • galaxie

    Hi gregor ;.. you are more than welcome to beautiful Scotland, ' there's always a welcome in the hillside and a welcome in the glen '.

    Best wishes , hope yer fond o' a wee dram.

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