Scottish independance in two days what do you think?

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  • confusedandalone

    " I think Scotland could & should go it alone"

    AGREED! Sink or swim you get to do it all on your own and your future is totally in the hands of the people. Of course everyone and their mother will make it seem as if seperating from the teet will lead to your demise. Obviously that is what they want you to think so they can continue to benefit from the resources that get from you.

    " and that is that Scotland is a net recipient of more than its fair share of UK public spending. "

    If Scotland was such a drag on the so-called Empire they would have made sure the vote swung the other way.

  • besty

    Scotland 'owns' about 85% of UK North Sea oil by geography and yet is allocated only 8% of it on a per capita basis.

    If oil revenue was allocated by geography Scotland would be a slight net contributor to the UK pot.

    Of course Londoners also receive +24% subsidy compared to the rest of England, but you don't hear so much about that...

  • confusedandalone

    Ultimately the people of a nation should be in complete control of their own destiny. Regardless of how nice the relationship is with the "Mother" nation, they will never repeat never implement policies that are 100% in your favor.

    I still wonder how people feel knowing that Brit nuclear weapons are housed there. It would be wonderful if somehow that was taken care of.

  • SonoftheTrinity

    Leaving the Pound for the Euro doesn't make sense. But the Scots are good with money, they'll figure it out. Who knows, maybe they will issue a new and better currency than the Pound.

  • Phizzy

    A lot of the "Undecided" were saying for ages that they felt they had not been given enough reliable information upon which to base a decision. Plenty of facts and figures bandied about, each side contradicting the other in usual Hustings manner, but very little of hard, easily checkable facts.

    Had there been a proper attempt to give the necessary information to the public in a digestible and trustworthy manner, the Undecided who refrained from voting may have done so, then who knows which way the vote might have gone.

    I wish it had been yes,and that would have had the mandarins of Westminster cacking their pants, knowing that the rest of the U.K would demand some decent democratic government.

    As it is, its almost business asusual, throw a few sops to those pesky Scots, and the rest of the U.K can suffer on under Bullingdon Club leadership.

    I can see the same thing happening if we ever get a referendum on E.U membership, no real information, and probably those who always vote for things to stay as they are will just about prevail.

  • galaxie

    Alex salmond is standing down as first minister and leader of snp.

    The vow of more powers for Scotland Is under threat already!

    Oh well..........Scot wha hae'....

  • confusedandalone

    Galaxies is it a shock they are being untruthful if your report is true. They will promise anything to get what they want

  • 88JM
    A lot of the "Undecided" were saying for ages that they felt they had not been given enough reliable information upon which to base a decision.

    In the end, the 660,000+ undecideds were only about ~15% of the vote (huge 84%+ turnout) so over half of them would have had to vote "Yes" to make a difference to the outcome.

    I sort of understand why the first minister feels he has to quit, but if you think about it, more people still voted for "Yes" than voted for him and his party at the last election.

    The vow of more powers for Scotland Is under threat already!

    I'm really quite amazed at the speed of back-pedalling there has already been, less than 12 hours after the vote. Leader of the opposition in Westminster, Ed Milliband already threatening to veto any proposals. Is this how he appeases all those p***d off Labour voters that just voted for independance in Scotland? Has he forgot there is an election in 8 months?

  • Simon

    Surely to do something like this someone needs to come up with a detailed plan and then people vote on that, something concrete.

    Voting for some vague idealized notion like "self determination" with no answers to important questions should always be "no".

    It's only nationalism that inflates the "yes" numbers.

    For all the talk of how many voted "yes" the reality is that many more voted "no". Salmon and co seem to keep forgetting that.

  • 88JM
    many more voted "no"

    Not sure how much you've been watching the campaign, but it's pretty clear that a huge chunk of those people only voted "no" because of the panicky concession promises that the party leaders in Westminster made a week before the vote, when it looked like the "Yes" campaign was making ground.

    It's only nationalism that inflates the "yes" numbers.

    It's also about a hatred for Westminster politics, which of course many people south of the border share as well.

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