the flood, mammoths, elphants, and food.

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  • rebel8

    Most of all his thoughts and ways are higher than ours so we will never understand totally his logic.

    He made us in his image, and wrote a book about all this so we'd know what happened. After all that, why leave us not understanding?

    He created the laws of nature. Why abandon them for only 40 days?

    He says he's a god of love. How can you believe that while knowing he drowned so many of his creations alive and awake? And why the innocent ones (animals)?

    There is plenty of proof positive no global flood ever occurred.

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  • Crazyguy

    Anyone ever figure out at what altitude do people and animals freeze to death or are un able to breath? For sure once the ark hit 29K feet they would of all died either from freezing or lack of air.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Anyone ever figure out at what altitude do people and animals freeze to death or are un able to breath? For sure once the ark hit 29K feet they would of all died either from freezing or lack of air.

    Well the ark was pressurized thats why god said to use gopher wood and pitch within AND without with pitch and gopher wood.

    Who'd-a-thunk it!

  • bohm

    I think the main difficulty in having an intellegent debate about the ark is every reasonable objection can be met with "but god could have performed a miracle"; this can continue untill all the animals are magically turned into plastic animals at a size such that Noah could have kept them all in a shoebox, or god could have magically send them all away to narnia for a year or somesuch. I don't relally know how you are supposed to carry on a conversation from that point.

  • prologos

    dark frosty, of all the arguments against the ARK story, your's is the one that hold no water, because

    Like the rising tide that lifts all boats, the air would have been merely lifted up, and with a new sea level still be at it's maximum at that new lowest possible altitude, quite warm too with all that energy of motion.

    It would not have beeen frosty frosty.

    besides, all those explosive green house gases emitted at body temperature inside that floating building. held together with dovetailing, dowels and glue-less mortise & tenons ?

    Clue-less & glue-less.

    Since the additional water was supposed have come from the fictional 'water canopy' ABOVE the mid heavens, this added mass now BELOW the ark would have increased the surface gravity, and with it the pressure and the temperature at the new sea level.

  • rjharris

    There was no global flood. The idea of flooding the entire planet makes no sense since the earth back in those days had not been populated "worldwide" and the confusion of mankinds languages did not occur until AFTER the flood.

    So what was out there "worldwide" that was evil and bad that had to be wiped out? Nothing!

    It is obvious that the flood of Noah's day was a "localized" flood. All of mankind in those early days of our history on earth lived in one small section of the globe and that PLACE was THE WORLD. It was their world; their environment. It was that world that was flooded away.

    Most persons overlook what the ENTIRE WORLD was at its creation: It was all water! It was a "watery deep" and dry land appeared out of that water. So the water (the oceans) were in existence long before Noah. (Genesis 1:2)

    The Noachian flood as taught by the religious system called by men is one of the many lies taught and pushed off as truth.

    All by itself, Christianity makes the Creator and Most High God appear unwise with their nonsense.

    The water was there long before there was aquatic life, animals and man.

    R. Jerome Harris

  • Comatose

    So..... Jerome. Could you please post a list of the actual "true" stories or verses in the bible? If you've cracked the code and deciphered which ones are supposed to be taken seriously that would help a lot of people.

  • Vidiot

    tornapart - "I think that there was a flood, a large one but that it was localised."

    The thoeory that seems most plausible to me is that all the various flood legends are a narrative response to ancient humanity's strong racial memory of the large-scale meltdown that took place at the end of the last major Ice Age.

  • redvip2000

    What I want to know is, did rainbows exist before the flood?

    Of course not. We all know that before the flood it had never rained before. Back in those times plant life didn't need any water because they lived on... love.

    Makes sense now?

    What was that? Where did river water come from without rain? Well, evidently Jehoober had angels positioned at the strategic water springs with magical buckets supplying water to the rivers. Live and learn buddy!

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