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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    JWINQUESTION reasoned, "Regarding the homosexuality issue, if it were okay then why can’t two people of the same sex produce a child?"

    By that reasoning, maybe a hetero couple ought to be producing a child every nine months?

    [Chorus sings "Every Sperm Is Sacred."]

  • Simon

    Evolution has no moral imperative, it is simply a case of survival of the species. There is no right or wrong, simply survival of the species.

    So the question is simply: Does a certain level of homosexuality in a species cause it to die out or not?

    Obviously, it doesn't for the species that are alive and thriving, including humans - the most successful species.

    The fact that a characteristic hasn't been eliminated usually means that it provides some benefit - perhaps a better dress sense and ability to do interior design? LOL.

    Seriously though, the 'benefit' to the species may not or may no longer exist but it doesn't follow that it must then be detrimental or severe enough to harm the species survival.

    The two things we now know for sure:

    • It's how people are born, not a choice. The fact of their existence is no threat to anyone else's marriage or faith unless both are flimsy.
    • Scientific understanding contradicts religious superstition and teaching about it and we shouldn't allow biggotry to dictate how people live.
  • LisaRose

    for your insight. Doesn't really matter who answers my questions. Just like being able to get everyones thoughts on it.

    I can believe that some are born gay, but I still feel that the types of association, media and shows that portray gay life in a positive light plays a much larger role in whether a person becomes gay or not

    It's a very common opinion, especially among Jehovah's Witnesses, as they do a good job of painting homosexuality as a choice, and a bad choice at that. The problem is that it's not based in fact, neither any reputable study nor on the experience of gay people. If you talk to many gay people they will tell you that they were aware of being different from an early age. They didn't know what being gay meant, just that they were different from other children of their same sex. I read an account of one young boy who watched Cinderella and realized he wanted to be with Prince charming, not Cinderella

    These feeling become much stronger once they reach sexual maturity. It's quite a delima for a young Jehovah's Witness to realize that they are gay, something they have been told was something detestable to Jehovah. Some try to live a celibate life, knowing they cannot get married to someone they are not attracted too. Others get married in a futile attempt to be "normal", this does not work and two lives are ruined. Some of the accounts I have read are heart wrenching. No matter how much they pray and how much they do as a JW, they cannot be what they are not. Others leave and face the rejection of their parents and friends. It's not an easy road and one no person would do it on a whim.

    Science debates what causes homosexuality, but what is known is that it is not caused by anything that is a conscious choice. It may be something that happens in utero as various things happen to a developing fetus, it may be genetic, it may be influenced a bit by early childhood, or some combination of all of that. As a heterosexual, what I know is that it isn't my place to judge who other adults have sex with. It's just a variation of human sexuality that isn't a problem except in the minds of religious conservatives.

    I appreciate your being open to reading other points of view, I know how hard that is when you have been a Jehovah's Witness, you are been taught to see only one way of doing things, one way of thinking about things. Keep asking these questions, it can be confusing at first, but it does begin to make sense eventually, and it's much more rewarding when you know your values are truly your own and not something that is dictated to you.

  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn


    Welcome to the board. This is quite an interesting place. Be careful.



    Welcome JWNQUESTION,


    I suggest you do a little research for yourself on the history and doctrinal beliefs and changes of the JW ORGANIZTION (CULT) before you begin to ask questions here, it will help you to build your own insights and understanding to better prepare you for the comments you may receive on this great website!

    Here is a good place to start:

    Here is a great video that destroys the JW's 1914 FDS foundation, and I might add it does it in a light and humorous way...

    Also here is a great song for those on the fence or struggling with the JW faith

  • sunny23

    "After reading the comments, I can basically pursue anything that would make me personally happy?

    What if a person found happiness and joy in murdering people or if a school bully found happiness in beating kids people up? Or terrorist found happiness and joy in driving planes through tall buildings? Would it be correct for them to pursue those things?"

    Psycopathy is a clinical condition/abnormality and can be identified biologically in most cases. The overall well-being of humans is the most important and those who counteract that need to be treated or locked up. To find joy in killing people is to lack empathy and biologically normal humans do not typically lack empathy so no, it would not be "correct" for psychopaths to kill to make themselves happy.

    When it's told to you to "basically pursue anything that would make you personally happy," its under the assumption that you are a biologically and mentally normal/stable human being and not a psychopath or sociopath.


    What if I find happiness in murdering people??......

    That's just plain stupid. Don't make watchtarded extreme comments at one end of the spectrum in an attempt to try and soften the blow of reality when the other extreme is shown to be TOTALLY FRIGGIN WATCHTARDED!!! That's what dumb-dumbs do. It's time to put on your big-boy pants. You can do better than that.




    I'm trying to respectufully voice out my thoughts in a forum that I am now open to. My questions may be naive but what can you expect? If you are critizing my comments calling them stupid, watchtarded and implying I'm a dumb-dumb then so be it. That is not the way I act towards people and I won't do the same thing. There are better ways to get a point across without being impolite or rude. All I know is that my motives are pure for being on here. I won't get discouraged and quit my search for sincere answers on here.

    I appreciate the few kind people who address themselves tactfully and firmly to my naive thoughts. Thank you for all your patience.


    @Apognophos Yes. This was the point I was trying to make which is "homosexuality in animals does not mean it is okay in humans because we don't base our morals on animal behavior" But I see your point as well. Thanks for your input.

    @Syme I'm not racist towards gay at all. I don't know why my topic or statements are all that bad. I've been trying to be as tactful as I can like I keep saying. My statements and outlook might be naive or premature but in no way was I saying these things out of hatred, bigotry or stupidity. Since I'm encouraged to ask questions (most of them were rhetorical) and make statements I will do it here. I appreciate all your comments and don't mind all of you being firm as long as it is not sarcastic or condescending towards me. Even if a child were to ask me a so called "stupid question", I would address it with love, respect and of course honesty yet in a firm and tactful manner. I wouldn't address it in a manner that would make the kid feel stupid or wrong for making such questions.

  • jgnat

    I think there's a scripture for this, JWinQuestion. Paul addressed the Corinthians on the matter of eating meat as the congregation was divided on the matter. The WTS has confused these scriptures further, but I hope a plain reading will help you.

    1 Corinthians 8:4-8 and 1 Corinthians 10:23-32.

    In essence whatever you do, do for the greater good, according to your own conscience. And don't fuss over what your neighbour is doing.

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