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    Hello all,

    This is my first post on here so bear with me. Currently I am still an active JW with serious questions about the JW org. I was hesitant signing up but really need as much input from the people on this forum to get a clear understanding on things. I would appreciate the replies to this topic be made without cursing or sarcastic comments.

    Anyway, a lot of the orgs policies on shunning, changing new light and false prophecies have really bugged me. But at the same time, there were IMO some good teachings that they tried to instill in us that I still try to practice. For example, like avoiding cursing and sexual immorality. Even though I disagree with some of the orgs policies, I wouldn’t’ curse them out of bad will. I know that everything will be exposed in the end.

    It is just when I see many (not all) posters and ex JW’s curse, I wonder is this how I am going to end up like after I leave.

    I’ve noticed a lot of former JW’s have become either Atheists or Agnostics. To be honest, I can’t see accept those beliefs either. Let’s say I had a son who was only a baby that died a six months, am I wrong to believe that I would see him or do I need to accept the cold reality that I never will? Because I hear Atheists say live your life to the full now and do what makes you happy but what about if we were talking about a baby or a young child that died, even a young adult who didn’t even began to live their life?

    Regarding the homosexuality issue, if it were okay then why can’t two people of the same sex produce a child? And after reading a recent 2014 article (Not a JW or religious article) about gay sex, it states that gay sex has been leading to increasing sexual diseases even to those who use protection. It seems that most people on here are okay with gay marriage. Of course, it is also wrong for me to hear on news how some anti-gay extremists go to far and kill off or murder gay people. That is horrible and something that makes me sick to the stomach to hear gay people being murdered like that. However, I am the kind of person who wouldn’t condone the practice not just because of religious issues but the increasing related diseases that has been associated with gay sex.

    Anyway sorry for my somewhat jangled post. I appreciate any who can chime in on the topics I mentioned above.

  • bohm

    Hello and welcome.

    to give the ipad answer:

    Regarding the homosexuality issue, if it were okay then why can’t two people of the same sex produce a child?

    well, why would making children affect it being okay? Think about sex between a man and a 13 year old or sex between two elderly.

    Second, re. Atheism and hope, again, is something true because it offers hope? Think about chrystal healing, plenty of hope and properly little truth.


  • leaving_quietly

    Welcome to the board. First, your questions and comments are not at all bad. I feel pretty much the same way. The problem, for me, is in the doctrines. Specifically, claiming to speak for God and being so dogmatic about their teachings and practices to the point that if we don't fall in line, we are expelled from the organization and our families cannot speak to us.

    I am still an active, in good standing JW. But I have found many doctrines and practices to be unscriptural. The WT study this past weekend that said that we must reject unscriptural teachings, regardless of the source, weighs on me heavily.

    Does WTBTS teach things that are unscriptural? A deeper study into doctrines unique to JWs shows that, yes, some are. For example, please find for me ANY scripture that teachings that only 144,000 go to heaven. If you can find it, then I'll deem it scriptural. If you cannot, then it is unscriptural, right?

    Anyway, welcome again. Best wishes on your journey, whereever it may lead.


  • Legacy


    I'm still active myself & know all about the flip flops & shunning...It doesn't bother me. I knew this about the org. before I started. I wanted to know exactly who these witnesses were....& did I get an ear & eye full.....They are a bunch of imperfect folks who think others are more imperfect than they are. Many on here have swallowed alot of the kool-aide & now back peddling for whatever their reasons were or are. Yes some on here to curse yet others make good points, that are hard to deny. Just like the hall, accept some of the opinions & others just don't. As far as gays are concerned..they really aren't gun-ho about getting married, it's that the law won't allow a partner to get insurance or an inheritance. Many have lost their partners & they made out wills so the other partner could get some money, & don't you know the families swoop down & take all they money they don't deserve. Most of their families don't even agree on their way of life, so the partner that is alive have to go through so much legal stuff just to even get a couple of dollars...I'm not gay but have gay's not the best life there can be lonely. We see today, it's even harder for straight folks to meet someone...that's why we have so many dating web-sites, so imagine how it is in the gay world....It's nothing that they choose to be, it is what it is....many have tried to fight it & have married & found out they just couldn't continue & have hurt many people. We are not to judge, that's Jehovah's job. Life as it is not easy. Believe in Jehovah & his son Jesus have the faith of the hope, because faith is just a supporting actor of hope. Go your meetings take what you need & spit out the rest. I come on here to vent & to see that when I read & study I'm not crazy. Many on here see the flaws of the org. If this God thing is all true, we are all going to answer for won't make a bit of difference when you are judged to say, Hey Jehovah, I belonged to your organinzation, I am a Jehovah witness. The answer will be...Everyone that says Lord Lord..& I know you know the rest....Jehovah is not partial...just keep that in mind...I just wanted to reply...Take Care...


  • AnnOMaly

    Welcome to JWN

    It is just when I see many (not all) posters and ex JW’s curse, I wonder is this how I am going to end up like after I leave.

    Not if you don't want to. Equally, I know JWs who curse - just not at the KH or on FS.

    I’ve noticed a lot of former JW’s have become either Atheists or Agnostics. To be honest, I can’t see accept those beliefs either.

    A lot do become atheist/agnostic, but there are theists and Christians on here too. You're just starting to ask questions. Allow yourself time to explore and come to your own conclusions.

    Regarding the homosexuality issue ...

    I still have ambiguous feelings about that but, like you, I deplore that they are vilified and persecuted. A gay acquaintance of mine recently got engaged to his boyfriend. He's a nice guy and I wished them well. Hopefully, some of the gay JWNers will answer your questions and give you another perspective.

  • jgnat

    So if I were to characterize your post, it's like you are standing on the edge of a crystal-clear pool and you are dipping your toe in the water. You are wondering if it is cold enough to stop your heart, or if it would be as refreshing as it looks.

    First of all, you have some serious questions about the WTS. Are those questions so serious that you are questioning your membership with this group? If so, take the leap.

    Second, there's nobody stopping you from living the way you wish, including keeping strict morals and watching your tongue. I am also unable to curse, thanks to a firm (non-JW) upbringing. Regardless of what the WTS says, you are well able to keep these standards within or without the walls of the Kingdom Hall.

    Everything else - agnostic, athiest, and sexual orientation are side issues. You will meet all kinds in the big, wide world and you may even find that many make great friends. Once an exiting JW confided privately that he had trouble accepting homosexuals. I advised that he think of the person rather than the act. If a person wholistically is a kind and gentle soul full of good works and happens to be gay, why would I shun such a person?

  • JeffT

    I still consider myself a Christian, although I do not attend any church or adhere to any particular subset of Christianity.

    regarding morality: there are lots of moral people in the world, including many agnostics and atheists. Witnesses talk about how moral they are compared to everybody else. All I can say is words are cheap and most Witnesses haven't been around enough non-witnesses to know better.

    Regarding homosexuality: I've decided that issuing judgements about what other people do is above my paygrade. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, it doesn't cost me anything or impinge on anything I want to do.

    I left the Watchtower because I realized the net effect on life was negative not positive. The position on higher education (my children were getting close ot high school) really brought it all into focus for me.

  • BluesBrother

    Hello JW? , welcome to the board. It is true what you say, that many posters on here use profane speech and have lost all faith in God and a Spiritual dimension. But others have not, indeed a good many members are God fearing people and highly motivated to do and practice good. (I would not judge anybody by the way, having come to across so many great people of all types and beliefs - whether I agree with them or not )

    Your post reminds me of my J W faithful wife who has the belief that " Your crowd" are all the same , as if we were one team united in beliefs like the JW's are. There is no such organization. We are just a disparate group of people in many lands who ,mostly, have just one thing in common - that we have lost our faith in the "Watchtower Society" . That's it , there is no reason for us all to think alike and the best thing about a release from WTS is that you are free. That is free to be who you really are and believe what you are sure is right , not what an organization tells you is right.

    So please carry on with your journey . You will come across those whom you will disagree with but consider what they say anyway, and make up your own mind...It is a liberating experience, believe me!

    All the best wishes.

  • Londo111

    Welcome, JWINQUESTION!

    I am an open-minded Christian. I doubt you will see me use obscenities, online or offline. But for a few minor things, my lifestyle is not significantly different than when I was a JW.

    If two people are in a committed relationship, whether same or of opposite gender, how would that lead to an increase of STDs? As for myself, I’m not going to marry anyone of the same gender, but then I am not inclined to do so. What other people decide to do is their business, not mine.

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers


    Choosing to live by a code of standards of morality has little to do with being a Christian. Many atheists and agnostics live by a rigid set of personal standards, I include myself in that. I subscribe to a Buddhist ethic of no harm, right speech, right effort, right attitude, a believe I am a much more moral person than when I was an active Witness. Maybe because I am not enveloped by a sense of guilt like I was.

    As for morality as it pertains to sexual orientation, its none of my business what other people do. I am not their judge. If there is a higher power that will judge them, than he is partly to blame for endowing them with hormones that fire differently than yours and mine. One question, are you attracted more to blondes than brunettes or vice-versa? Why is that? If you can explain to me the chemical reactions that move you to be attracted to a set of physical characteristics more than another, than maybe you can explain why some people are attracted to the same sex....

    If there is a God, he is responsible for it all.

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