The insensitivity and opportunistic nature of witness at the 9/11 site !

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  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Maybe the banner should say "3000 dead? Wait until you see what our God can do!"

  • AlphaMan

    This is among the lowest form of time counting. Especially, when you consider how JW's really feel about America and worldly people in general. Wonder if they bother to tell the people at the 9/11 Memorial site that their Jehovah God is also going to bring back all the Terrorists who flew the planes into the World Trade Center?

    JW's are idiot cult members.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Right out there with "witnessing" at cemeteries, handing out tracts to the grieving. This started with the inauguration of Memorial Day after WW1.

    OMFG, I remember the "service overseer" asking everyone to come to the cemetary on Memorial Day. When he got to me, I said "I'm going to let those people have their quiet visit without me." Without saying it literally, I was saying how inappropriate that would be.

    This is the same thing. 9/11 is very pro-American and pro-service (military, fire, police) to most in attendance or it is a sad remembrance of loved ones. JW's were "getting their time in" after 9/11 by offering printed materials to people and they pretended they didn't close their doors in NYC. GIVE THOSE PEOPLE THEIR SPACE AND LET THEM MEMORIALIZE WITHOUT THE LIKES OF WATCHTOWER!!!!

  • Honesty

    Can you post a link to the online photos.

    I would like to see this for myself.

  • rebel8

    On the 1-yr anniversary, some evangelical group was there putting stickers on people's chests w/o asking. There was a group of foreign tourists taking pics, smiling broadly with the hole in the background, as if it was Niagara Falls.

    Lots of people are totally tasteless, I guess. dubs are certainly not nicer than the rest of humanity, as they claim.

  • SG098
  • LisaRose

    It's shameful. Considering that they are Brooklyn based they should know how people in New York feel about what happened. I can't imagine they are interested in hearing that the people that died in the towers are better off because now Jehovah won't destroy them at Armageddon.

  • rebel8

    "Give the people something better to remember."

    What could that be...hmm...ooh..I've got it! Let's remember that Bethel locked their gates during the attacks rather than being a place of refuge for people seeking safety. The House of God locked its doors when its neighbors needed basic safety.

  • stuckinarut2

    I am still reeling over this!

    Totally sickening!

  • stuckinarut2

    I LOVE keyser's comment above!

    Sad, but true!

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