The insensitivity and opportunistic nature of witness at the 9/11 site !

by stuckinarut2 34 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • besty

    are they actually having carts on the memorial site? hopefully they will get booted....

  • designs

    Angels are always on coffee breaks when tragedy happens.....

  • ctrwtf

    It's not just the witnesses that are to blame. You can also purchase a keychain, lanyard or scarf at the 9-11 memorial museum. Literally profiting over human suffering.

    Still, this is a new low even for them.

  • Violia

    It is not just the jws , although I just about hurled seeing the post about with all those brain-washed smiling faces. It seems a lot of religions are beatings the drums about the great tribulation, end of times etc. Many people are frightend that the world is about to face and ending, not just jws. I hate to admit this but I have fallen into this trap a bit myself. With Islam on the march things are looking kind of scary.

    I can see why 15 people gave them contact info, they are frightened.

    pardon my lack of spell check.

  • rebel8

    ctrwtf, according to what I read, that museum is run by a nonprofit organization?

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