Black girl beat up and bullied by other black for 'acting too white'

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  • Apognophos

    I wonder how many of you know under-educated white people, because there's the same jealousy at play there. Families hold back their children so they can feel better about themselves.

  • little_Socrates

    Pistoff yes there is some racism in this country. However I really believe our opession with race is much worse. Our temptation to filter EVERY news story through the lense of race keeps race baiting and racism alive and well.

    While it is contiversial to say... I really believe the biggest challenges facing the black community comes from the black comunity. Constantly beating on the white racists strawman keeps the focus from where it should be.

  • confusedandalone

    Well let us be serious, white people are far more likely to be killed by another white person than by a black person.83 percent of white people murdered in the the U.S. in 2011 were murdered by another white person. So if I were you I would be far more concerned about your white neighbor than your black one.

    Now if you were going to post on things happening to white people you would actually be posting about the same things that blacks are doing to blacks so what you are saying makes no sense.

    " This crap seems to be getting worse and worse and needs to stop. " What is getting worse exactly??? You mean white people are now experiencing the same kind of violence they inflicted on other people in this country for countless years and NOW YOU ARE AFRAID. It hits home now so of course you worry more. It is kind of how I felt living In North Carolina and getting beat up by little white boys or slap by my teacher for beating a little white kid in a spelling bee. This was in the 80's by the way. Not to mention the countless times I was abused by police for playing basketball in a public park or seeing people get shot , intimidated and in a few cases molested by Newark police for no reason other than the fact that they had the power....

    Maybe people are getting upset at what has taken place and they are deciding to turn the tables on the people that they correctly or incorrectly view as the oppressors. I am not sure.

  • EndofMysteries

    Pistoff - okay, so the evidence of prejudice and discrimination is because blacks are more incarcerated than whites and pulled over by cops for no reason.

    I'd like to fairly discuss this issue. I have been pulled over ONCE in my life for 'no reason'. I'm white. I was pulled over when I had a job which involved me driving to prospect customers homes to give a presentation. Sometimes I would get early or have to pull over the side of the street to get a map or wait. Now in this part of town, I tried to avoid pulling over because ANYWHERE in this area if I pulled over, a black man would appear from nowhere looking at me and trying to get my attention/see if I want to buy drugs. This isn't just one street but anywhere in this town. Were there drug dealers on every ounce of town that if they saw a white man in a car parked they assumed they wanted to buy drugs? Anyway it was driving through this town, (after not having pulled over at all but just on the way to a place) that I was pulled over for no reason. The cops asked what I was doing, where I was going, and finally said stuff happened nearby and just wanted to check about me. I can't think of any other neighborhoods anything like that would happen to me at.

    Now the question, are cops pulling over blacks and way more blacks in jail than whites due to prejudice or is it due to a larger percentage of blacks happen to commit crime? As shown by so many comments and the examples that many who go for education and a career they can earn enough money to live off of end are spoken badly and said they are being too white, is it logical that all those who don't get education are pushed to crime to make a living, and those who embrace thug lifestyle? Is it that so many fatherless boys are not being guided to a good life and end up in crime?

    Definitely show me where and if I am wrong, but if the majority of those blacks incarcerated because they were only raised by 1 parent or grandparent and didn't finish school because they didn't want to be a traitor to their community and act too white, are not those the things causing them to be incarcerated? How many of those are drug only offenses vs ones including theft and violence? And again correct me where this is wrong, but it seems prejudice is being blamed when that's not the reality. (not saying it doesn't happen, but the majority is not due to that).

  • sir82

    Somebody's been listening to a little too much Rush Limbaugh.

  • EndofMysteries

    If I'm that somebody, I don't listen to any talk shows. I don't even have cable tv. I only read the news online.

  • Mikado

    confused and alone, that is an awful thing to happen to you a a kid....nothing like trying to shame the eagerness to learn and intelligence out of a kid. I am so sorry, what a disgraceful teacher.

  • EndofMysteries

    "What is getting worse exactly??? You mean white people are now experiencing the same kind of violence they inflicted on other people in this country for countless years and NOW YOU ARE AFRAID. It hits home now so of course you worry more. "

    While black people didn't have rights in the USA, my family before I was born were either under oppression by communist Russia or in Italy. In the early 1900's and onwards the USA had TONS of so called 'whites' from all over Europe, Russia, etc, immigrating to the USA. Do blacks have a way to categorize white people into those who had ancestors during the slave years until the early 1900's who are decendants of the oppressors vs those who are decendants of those who had nothing to do with it?

    I'm sorry to hear what you went through in NC though. I know even today the eastern part of that state has a divide.

  • Berengaria

    Just curious, what are your regular news sources EoM?

  • EndofMysteries

    "Just curious, what are your regular news sources EoM?"

    I look at several because it's hard if not impossible to find one that is always 100% truthful.

    I use cnn, reuters, bbc, dailymail, etc. If it's a major story I want many details on and to make sure I have the most accurant information, I'll type in a keyword on google news and there is usually a list of like 100 I can look through.

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