Black girl beat up and bullied by other black for 'acting too white'

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  • EndofMysteries

    Other than the story, the comments are very interesting, TONS of comments by other blacks claiming the same thing happens to them. Not only other blacks but their families as well bully them, calling them oreo, traitor, etc.

    Why is it, if a black person wants to speak proper english, live in a suburb, do good in school, go to college or university, they are bullied for 'being too white', but then those exact same people who bully them then go around and pull the race card blaming society for not having any opportunities in life?

    How is speaking proper english, and getting schooling and a good job associated with a race?

  • EndofMysteries

    some comments from the messages on that story....." Same thing happened to me throughout my entire youth, by both classmates and family alike. Just because I was intelligent, well mannered, actually cared about school (or at least doing good in it) and talked proper (no Ebonics or slang) I was considered and verbally called "white boy" by other black students and a significant number of family members (young and old, yes elder uncles and aunties would call me that behind my back). I've been beaten up before by classmates because of this and of course when teachers found out they'd intervene, but considering these were inner city public schools, you can imagine how much that did for me. I've had to force myself to use more slang just to keep them off of me (again, little help)."

    " This is ridiculous. Back in college, I worked at a subway during the summers. There was a black guy there who would constantly call me "Oreo" because I was white on the inside and black on the outside. One day I asked him why he called me that. He said that because I live in the suburbs, go to a university, and speak proper English that I acted white. Now that's when I really become offended; that he would associate all these negative things with being black and then to be PROUD of it and try to shame me because I wasn't BLACK enough? One day he came in and said "hey Oreo!" after I told him not to call me that. My shift was over so as I left I told him, "you're insulting yourself and you don't even know it." After that is when the threats started."

    " Oh this is nothing new. As a black student in college, I can honestly tell you that I have been shunned so many times by other black people in high school. The don't like me because I'm a foreign black and I don't talk the same way. They didm;t like me because I am dark skin complexioned, I didn't talk like a thug, I was top 5 in my class and because I refused to act like an immature moron throughout my high school career. Ironically, the most racism I have ever faced has been from other blacks. There have been a few ignorant racists whites, but most of the racism I face comes from others blacks. Frankly I don't care, the jokes on them. I am studying to become a physician and I will succeed in the future and laugh at the clowns that I have left behind in life."

  • quellycatface

    I guess it's just down to good old fashioned jealousy.

  • LovelyEunie

    I got this whole attitude when I was growing up in school, got called white girl plenty of times because I didn't 'act' in the way that black people were supposed to act, which in their mind meant loud, stupid, and ignorant and lacking good home training. Of course I didn't say this because I probably would have just made things worse for myself back then. I always thought that this mentality was stupid because people were basically discrediting my blackness because I didn't talk like I hadn't taken an english class in my entire school career. And sure, it's not like I haven't had my moments of talking improper, who the hell hasn't, but that's just not my every day normal speech. And I'm not looking down on people who choose to talk in whatever way they way want, I really don't have the time to do that, but what I do hate is being told that I'm white because I don't fit into this box of blackness. The only person who gets define what being black for me means is /ME/, no one else. And despite what others have tried to tell me over the years, I AM black, and my black is very beautiful.

  • nonjwspouse

    Each and every person has beautiful skin color. Each and every person should have the right not to be bullied for trying to further their opportunities in life through education, good manners, etc.... .

    It pains me to hear these type stories. For those that persevered, hopefully it made them even stronger in their convictions. The tragedy is how for some, they give up, and don't persevere. That means even their own families cause them to create less opportunities to better their lives. ( This is sounding familiar to the JW education and association indoctrination isn't it?)

  • Pistoff

    More BS from EOM

  • EndofMysteries

    A fitting name for your comment, pistoff. Is that a 24/7 personality trait?

  • jam

    Being a JW and black make it difficult to fit in also. My sons have experince

    the same problems even to day. I remember when I left the borg and out

    having a drink in a bar, guys would ask me "are you the police". I never could

    figure that out, why someone would think I was the police..

    My non-jw family members ask me all the time, what's up with your sons, one surf

    (what black guys surf, sharks probably think what the hell).

    They were raised differently, a very different environment while in the borg....

    I have met white guys that believe they are black, Korean guys that knows

    more blacks slang words then I have ever heard.

    It all depends on how you were raised...

    As a JW you lose your black identity, that depends on the congregation

    you were in...Because of the area we served, my kids had very few black

    freinds, so the adjustment for my boys, it was difficult...

    Today both boys out of the borg, there friends white, Mexican american

    and Asian..These are the people they grew up with when they were young,

    the different races, these are the people that stayed in our home....

    We saw the borg as a brotherhood, we didn't see color.....

  • jam

    Oh yes, I forgot. The words Uncle Tom, house N---, they have been called..LOL

  • Pistoff


    Only at continued posts about race that make it seem like whites are the repressed and underrepresented minority.

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