Black girl beat up and bullied by other black for 'acting too white'

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    there are people of every ethnicity and culture who would rather tear someone else down than put in the work to raise themselves up. that said, there is a long standing cultural bias against people with darker skin here in America. Even when it is invisible to the paler people, it is very noticeable to those who face it every day. I would love to see all cultures put more value on educational achievement and strong, committed relationships in all communities - there are plenty of fish-belly white people that seem to believe that book learnin' is for fools and parents have no obligation to actually raise their children.

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    I wrote the quoted below on page 2 of this thread a year ago, just bumping because a year ago I called what is happening today due to silence and allowing media to add to it and everybody being politically correct by never mentioning the true statistics and numbers to dispel the illusion that blacks are being targeted by whites and white police, etc. This week 3 police officers have been assassinated due to this illusion.

    Pistoff, who is the repressed and underrepresented minority? There are no repressed and underrepresented minorities since the 1960's in this country. This news story and the tons of comments show the true cause. If the majority of a minority refuse to get educated and good jobs and bully those who do, how is that being repressed? If they refuse to get educated and a good job or have no interest in jobs that give them representation for their community how is that anybody's fault?
    Now, if I was going to post on things happening to white, the only thing that is happening to whites is constant crime from racism and some how they are never punished for hate crimes. For example last night, if you google, "kroger mob" a group of 20 black teens randomly ran through and beat up white people unconscious and laughed about it. The lady filming was laughing and saying, "oo hold on, they got a white dude!" the group of blacks who raped, tortured, and murdered a white couple in ohio not charged in hate crime, or that detroit man who pulled over to help the black boy he hit when he jumped infront of his truck and was beat by a mob blacks, only a minor was charged with a hate crime (because he would get out earlier). or how about the marine about a week or 2 who was beaten by a mob of black guys after he was told he shouldn't go into a waffle house because all the black people were mad about the Ferguson incident. If any of these above things were reversed, there would be more riots, looting, destruction going on.
    This crap seems to be getting worse and worse and needs to stop. Look at the comments of those stories. Arms are being bought at record numbers and you see many whites saying how they are feeling they need to be armed to be safe and if they got attacked by a mob, they would unload on them. No idea where you live, but as somebody who lives in a very diverse area, it's concerning where things are heading.
    To Pistoff - I'll add this too. I know it's politically incorrect to bring up anything about race in the USA unless it related to white on black crime or black oppression. The opposite is generally regarded as racist and anybody who brings up the opposite may have their motives questioned or viewed racist. I've had a black girlfriend before and she went through exactly what happened in the story and original post of this thread. There are many black people I like a lot and have some very close black friends (probably one of the only good things that came from being a JW). Anyway I posted this and the other because in the 1960's, the RIGHT thing was done and things should have been getting better, what else needs to be done to give blacks opportunity, or how are they still being repressed? I see things getting worse and my future, the future of this country, etc, heading in a bad direction because there is obviously a very big problem brewing and silence on the issue is not helping at all. As with the mobs and black on white crime, obviously many are angry at whites. The mob at Kroger, or the man in Detroit, none were alive in the 1960's. You have Al Sharpton screaming oppression on blacks but I never see any examples. Anyway I have no problem bringing up these things because I feel the stigma needs to be broken about discussion of it and since leaving the JW's, I am trying to get involved, voting etc. I am against oppression and discrimination. If there is any against blacks, I would stand with them for changes. I don't see it though, I only see hate being passed down for the actions of whites pre 1960s (but also many whites including during that time fought with blacks to get them rights as well). Anyway as soon as the stigma is removed, then these things can be discussed nationwide by everybody and addressed or everybody keeps silent and allows a race war to keep brewing.

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