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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    As to the age of the video, based on my common sense, novice forensics, I woud guess it was made sometime within the last 5 years.

    1. The pixel quality of the video seems very good with little or no artifacts associated with aged video that's on tape. This means its not on video tape (and was not taken in the 1980's).

    2. The shakiness of the camera operator suggests that the camera was a hand-held device like an iPad, iPhone or some other phone/tablet camera. Such devices have only recently - within the last 5 years - become very ubiquitous.

    3. The clothing seems very modern - late 1990s or later.

    4. Looking at Jackson's physical appearance, there is little or no difference between his age in the video and his age in very recent photos and videos. (He does not look perceptibly younger)

    All of this leads me to the conclusion that the video was made very recently, sometime within the last 5 years.


    Island man thank you for your detective work but I would say it's more like 5 days old...

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    What he did was loose conduct... I meant to use the new term brazen conduct... Dancing with women that are not his wife, and under aged at that

    Jesus Christ...


    Jesus Christ...

    Zombie dub I think instead of using Jesus Christ... You should say Governing Body... Since they now take the place of Jesus Christ...

  • steve2

    Island man thanks for your observations and deductions. You've persuaded me it's a recent video!

  • BluesBrother

    So What?? . I said on another thread that if a guy has a little fun , so be it. I am not interested . There are more important issues of their teachings and the rules and procedures of the WTS

    If people here ever got counselled for acting similarly then they should not have been.

  • DJS

    Moral compass, ADJUSTMENTS, hasn't a thing to do with immature, childish, reacitonary behavior, which is what you have specialized in with this OP. Keep your moral compass. To yourself preferably. All of us know quite well the history of the Borg when it concerns having fun of any kind. Point out the hypocrisy, but the rest of it is much ado about nothing, as the overwhelming majority have pointed out to you. But by all means remain childishly entrenched. This is the world wide web; someone will come along and make you feel better about yourself, regardless of the level of dumbassedness associated with your views. I will say one thing; when you pitch a big fit at least you do so WITH A LARGE AUDIENCE. Caps intentional to make a point.


    DJS I think you are still mentally trapped in the JW CULT... Your "Don't you dare talk about the big bad GB members" mentality is very sad... I pity you...

  • myplasticmicrophone

    Hello, I posted the video on youtube and just wanted to share some insight.

    My intent was to highlight the behaviour of Mr. Jackson with a certain young woman. Whether or not his dance moves were appropriate or not, is the individual perception of the viewer. To me, there is a reason he was only busting his moves for less than a minute. He clearly knew what he was doing was not in line with his board of director like status in the company. Picture Sr.Level Management at the Christmas party trying to maintain composure around the front line employees of CHASE Bank, for example.

    The young female, the one that walks/runs to sit down while Geoffrey was on the floor, was days over 18. Unwilling at the moment, she could much better articulate what it's like when a strange older man flirts with her. Here's the thing, she is not a Jehovah's Witness, never been one. To her, it was just another party/gathering where another older man(Old enough to be her grandfather) seemingly and overtly flaunted his charm, power, influence and "I've been around the world" type mentality. Geoffrey Jackson did not step foot on the dance floor until she did. Again, aware of his gaze over an hour prior, she ran off the dance floor. Lo and behold once she d id, so did Jackson.

    As many of you have said, none of this really matters, I guess. It's the girls word, or my word, or the videos word against Geoffrey's in the end. I agree he didn't do anything outrageous, yet a few people would state, he without a doubt longingly looked at the girl, not once but on several occassions that night. This, according to my former JW beliefs is adultrey, plain and simple.

    For those that asked the video was taken in 2013.


    Welcome myplasticmicrophone, thank you very much for the video and your observations...

    this video is telling of this supposedly "anointed" person on so many levels it's not funny!!!

    So the woman is not baptized!!! So he's dancing with a WORLDLY woman that's NOT his WIFE!!!

    As I analyze the video and sense the reactions, It seems he was dancing with more than one young lady that was not his wife, he danced with at least three. The ladies dancing with him seem to be in shock and disbelief that a GB member is dancing with them in such a way that they are almost grossed out and look very uncomfortable. It's like they are just going along with it painfully but just trying to grin and bare it. It seems like he danced with the other two ladies first and then moved on to dance with the last lady, as the other two lady's were laughing in shock and disgust, the one young lady looked as if she wanted to barf!!! It also seems Geoffry notices the young lady he just danced with leaving the dance floor in disgust and then realizes he looks like a dirty old perv and proceeds to run off the floor!!! I wish the video started a minute before and showed the full extent of his worldly fun, I'm sure when the ladies got home and thought about what had just happened that night it probably troubled them to no end... Mind blown!

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