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    ISLAND MAN It sounds to me you are a JW apologist...

    Are you sure you are on the right website and not JW.ORGY. Your INTRIGUED more by my comments than the video itself, defending the GB scum. Are you an undercover bethelite troll like others on this site? They are false prophets so EVIL is already upon them, God has already talked about such men in his word. So Im not sure where you stand on this, but I know where I do. And I've been to the Caribbean and he would have fit right in...


    ADJUSTMENTS : Now you are doing exactly what the JW's do......youre tagging someone - just because he didnt totally agree with you 100% and side with your exaggerated observations. Come on now ......we're trying to escape this nonsense - the Judgmentalism.

    I agree with the other folk - its not gyrating - just a person with awkward girth looking and feeling awkward/

    Be true to yourself - live with logic and fact and the truth of a matter.


    Strike one: He's in a cult and sexually repressed.

    Strike two: He's white.

    Strike three: He's old.

    Did we really expect him to dance well?? Dancing can be a window into a persons sexuality, not always, but sometimes. The fact that a female of the species actually had sex with him at some point in his life is astounding.


  • Hortensia

    oh jesus, who gives a damn?


    AFRIKANMAN I'll do exactly as I please, I could care less about what a JW thinks or does, or if someone doesn't agree with me, as it has no bearing on me or my moral compass. Judgement is left in Gods hands all I do is state the obvious. While we are talking about judgement, It seems he didn't use good judgement in front of the camera...

    DATA-DOG That was a good one!!! LOL


    How anyone can defend these men and this joke of a "religion" (CULT) is beyond me...

    Can somebody say brainwashed?!!!

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    In the past the JWs have made a HUGE deal abut two people who aren't married dancing. Seems like the GB likes to have fun like everyone else - must be nice for them since they can do so without the BOE breathing down their neck.


    Coded Logic exactly I would have been taken into the back room the next day for an act like that...

    I would have never seen a BOE member do that they were too busy making sure no one was touching too much, mabye an MS and just maybe, and he would be in the back room the next day also!

  • freddo

    Adjustments - if you think this is something to get het up about you need to take a long look at yourself. Every congregation do or j.w. wedding I ever went to would have that sort of dancing and no-one would bat an eyelid and I'm from stuffy old "stiff upper lip" blighty aka the U.K.

  • Moses Joe
    Moses Joe

    They sure seem to frown on that sort of behavior in the journals. Any "Shocking" behavior is heavily fround upon and i would think a gb member suddenly getting up to dance with a woman who isn't his wife is pretty shocking.

    but then again they can, accurately i might add, always turn to the example of Peter shying away from gentiles and say even they get caught up in the moment.

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