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  • EndofMysteries

    DJS - " As I see it, the more human the members of the GB can be and act the better it will be for the rank and file."

    Can you please show me any WT article or talk by the GB that encourage dancing and having fun without guilt tripping or examples of brothers who avoid such things? Such as the WT in July about the brother who decided to not dance at all? Sort of like the 1975, "reports are heard of brothers selling their homes, what a fine way to live the final months, etc".

    The GB don't follow their own rules. The more human they act, won't change a thing, they'll publish any feces that comes out of their backside and as evidenced by the video above, they don't follow their own advice and rules.


    Endofmysteries I was looking for that article and I couldn't have said it any better, you took the words right out of my mouth! The fact is a GB member has been caught red handed doing the very thing they have wrote against in a recent WT! I wouldn't be surprised if Geoffrey himself wrote those words in the July 14, 2014 WT! It's the fact that he looks like such a hypocrite! Someone is in the middle of a guilt trip after reading that article as we speak, is debating on wether or not he should get on the dance floor for fear he may stumble someone, but in the meanwhile a so called "anointed" GB MEMBER Geoffry is out having the time of his life with random women, not even his wife to boot! I don't even think the pope would engage in such revelry! In JW land the 8 so called "anointed" men are pretty much a composite pope, but without all the bells and whistles, think POPE-LITE. These are the very persons who in the JW CULT world are called an "EXEMPLARY CHRISTIAN " doing the complete opposite of what they preach. It's just so blatantly wrong on so many levels it's ridiculous!


    DJS LOLOLOLOLOL to try and use scriptures to back up your lame argument is so ridiculous it's laughable. I told you if you do stand up, I would buy tickets. There are 3 issues with this situation: 1) Geoffrey was not dancing to so called "Christian music" 2) nor was he dancing in praise to God as all are in the scriptures you quoted 3) He was dancing with several ladies who are not his wife to "WORLDLY" music!!! For you to try and apply not one but several scriptures to this issue is beyond me, agian you need to do stand up comedy, I will buy a ticket, you just took a page from the JW CULT itself, who can take several random scriptures and twist them together to fit their current agenda...

    DJS please put the kool-aid down, and I think yours was spiked...


    Just imagine Geoffry Jacksons face on this body... LOL


    I like to dance also...

  • steve2

    ADJUSTMENTS , you do argue strongly and I admire your tenacity (although perhaps not the way you make fun of other posters who do not share your exact views).

    The private "detective" in me asked when was the video made because there is a potential difference, say, between its being made before the man was appointed to the GB and the likelihood that he may have been regretful about his brief lapse of judgement compared with its being of fairly recent origin raising questions about whether it is an act of defiance of the GBs own counsel.

    Again, ADJUSTMENTS, I can see the powerful point you are making and I could be persuaded. But your resorting to personal asides dilutes the otherwise powerful point you make.

    I'd be very interested in when the video was made - not for "witch hunts" but out of genuine curiosity. Can anyone shed light on my questions? Thanks in advance.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Looks like when grandpa has a bit too much to drink at Christmas and embarrasses the grandkids.Just an unco old man having a dance, no bad tendency there. No one would even care except he's a cult leader. He's just mingling with his followers, give them something to oooh and ahhh over on seeing how "humble" and "like us" he is.

  • John_Mann

    Someone knows the music playing? I think the music is more degrading (by JW standards) than the dance itself.

  • EdenOne

    I see nothing even remotely wrong with GJ's silly little dance ... why is such a fuss being made out of it? I find the fake laugh of some dude off The camera's catchment to be more daft than anything else on that vĂ­deo. For cryin' out loud, criticize what's worth being criticized.

    He drives a Bentley? is that a fact? That's way more worthy of note.


  • InquiryMan

    I think it was refreshing to see a glimpse of these suit-dressed men loosening up a bit. Let them have some fun...

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