Are we starting to treat DF people differently?

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  • DwainBowman

    End dfing, after the new harder line they are drawing in the November study issue, I think not. I don't ever remember a time where they tighten the shackle, then turned around, and unlocked them!


  • jwfacts

    There has been no lightening of shunning in recent times. Hopefully in the future.

    Withholding the KM from disfellowshipped people is just an elitist form of punishment, since there is nothing special contained in it. However, they are more concerned with saving money now, hence allowing anyone to download the KM, and wear the download or printing costs.

  • solitairelife

    One who is disfellowshipped does not share in the public ministry anyway, so what difference will it make now that they are able to download it? Are disfellowshipped ones really that interested in keeping up with what is going on?

  • dozy

    Yeah - I agree with most posters. It is purely a somewhat unfortunate ( from the WTBTS viewpoint ) disadvantage of publishing the KM online , but the Society accountants have compared the cost savings and thought it a price worth paying. It just shows that the driving force behind JW.Org is purely to reduce printing costs. The WTBTS has always basically been a business first and a religion second.

    All the indications are that the shunning is getting enforced more & more. The only thing I suspect is that the society might be more circumspect in explicitly telling JWs in the magazines to shun DF ones - they don't want to get in further trouble with legal authorities.

  • joe134cd

    I can't see them doing away with shunning. Its to interwoven into the culture to turn back now. I really don't think the could afford to. How do you explain to a family member that it ok to talk after years of ignoring them. There would be a lot of angry people who would walk out in mass.

  • Elisa1966

    Perhaps they will make a difference between people who are "only" sexual "unmoral" on the one hand and those who are acting publically against the org on the other hand. Hm, maybe they soften their position towards the first group? Just thinking...

  • DwainBowman

    I am sure they put thst in print about everyone, including dfed people, was to preempt others seeing dfed ones with km's on their tablets, and going crazy! I mean, can't you just see brother toe the line draging some poor dfed sister in the back room, going off on her having the gall, to download the km, knowing it's only for jw's in good standing, and reporting time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And all the calls to borgdom!


  • sir82

    Y'all are reading way way WAY too much into this.

    The WTS wants to cut costs. One way to do it is to print less KMs.

    How to print less KMs? Make them available in the public area of JW.BORG and tell people to download/print their own.

    There is no practical way to prevent DF'ed people from the public area of JW.borg, so as a matter of practical necessity, "KMs are now available to the DF'ed".

  • thedepressedsoul

    I don't think that letter has anything to do with them losing toe DF'ing arrangement.

    I also can't see them doing away with it either. There are two possible outcomes I see.

    1. Shunning becomes more of an unspoken rule. Instead of them publishing it directly they hint at it and people view you badly if you talk to them. Kind of like with the Twilight movies. They didn't come right out and say not to watch them but if you did tell people that they'd ignore you.

    2. There becomes different classes of DF'ing. Apostates remain the same and ones who get DF'ed for minor things can go out in service or are able to be up built by people in the congregation.

    Honestly though, I don't see any changes coming in this regard. If anything, they will be tightened. By the Nov. WT and those videos to the elders on show that it may even become more hardcore. Heck the kid was willing to call it off that week and they still DF'ed him.

  • OneEyedJoe

    DFing isn't changing. If you think it is read the Nov. '14 study WT (I think that's the one) where it says that we should think of DF'd ones (even family members) as having been executed by god. I can't think of a much more extreem view that they could take.

    What this boils down to is money, and probably trying to keep people from getting their KMs on jwleaks or here (and eventually getting TTATT because of it, like what happened for myself and warehouse). Of course "We'd like to install marble tile in the showers at our new cult compound in warwick, so please stop ordering so many KMs because that's really cutting into our budget" doesn't sound as good as "we're oh so loving and want to extend an olive branch to the DF'd ones, so we're making the KMs available publicly"

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