Are we starting to treat DF people differently?

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  • This is my tigersuit
    This is my tigersuit

    i can see it lightening up a little towards family members, only to appease the public a bit- the word is getting out how bad the shunning problem is and the negative media attention is starting to make em sweat a little. if it does happen, we have people like "john cedars" and many other brave souls to thank for making it more public what the WT has done here

  • Yizuman

    Why end shunning? Wouldn't that just serve to keep them in a brainwashed cult?

    Does it at times shunning could actually be a wake up call for JWs to leave the cult rather than keep them in?

    I know shunning sucks and it has a tremendous effect on families, but at the same time, can shunning be a beneficial thing to wake up those stuck in a cult and realize the whole WTS thing is a sham???

  • jam

    I wonder, will that mean that can eat a meal at the same table

    with you or welcome in their home...It use to be, with family members

    don't discuss nothing spiritual, but with JW's there's no conversation..

    If this happen it is strictly for the public...

  • Finkelstein

    Do you sense a new trend developing?

    Its going to take a lot more than making the availability of KM to make a turn around concerning DF ones.


    The WTS is now backed into a wall facing the fact (The Truth) that its core basics doctrines are acknowledged to be false commercialized propaganda.

    From that known realization the WTS. have actually turned up the DF/shunning policy , particularly concerning possible apostates.

  • steve2

    Oh, people, you clearly need reminding that the November 15 (?) Watchtower reiterates the shunning policy in a study article. Hope springs eternal as some here needfully cling to the fiction that the organization is concerned about public perceptions - yes, they are, but in a truly, truly superificial PR kind of way. The need to believe it's a just and fair world persists - but actual supportive evidence? A skerrick here and a skeerick there. Such are the exploits of desperate fishermen. Besides, if they sotftened their stance, AAWA would insufferably gloat.

  • crazyhorse

    I don't think they'll ever stop the shunning policy. If they do people would leave the org in drones.

    The same with the blood issue. If they stop it, people would wake up in an instant . oh what a cult!

  • millie210

    I think individual JWs are treating DFd people differently.

    Here where I live the attitude towards them is much milder.

    I see a softening of attitude about it on peoples parts. Theres simply too many young people DFd and living at home etc.

    If that will mean a formal relaxing of things I dont know.

  • Crazyguy

    making docs available for ones to print or download is a cost saving move thats it, they would never stop Df'ing and shunning, if they did there would be a mass exodus.

  • sporece

    Would they leave it up to family members and friends to make a choice whether to associate or not with adulterers, apostate and so on?

    By doing so the GB would relieve themselves of any blame for what's going on in the organization for all the broken marriages and rejectiion of sons,daughters and friends..

    We've seen the same with the appointments of elders, they have nothing to do with it anymore, leave it up to the elders and CO to qualify brothers.

  • Oubliette

    Define "we."

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