Are we starting to treat DF people differently?

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  • Quarterback

    Some may remember the time when the private study edition of the WT wasn't to be made available to outsiders, and the DF'd.

    Now, with the recent BOE letter, Sept 1, 2014, it specifically states that JW.ORG is making the KM available even for DF'd individuals.

    Do you sense a new trend developing?


    I look for a big announcement very soon, within a year, that disfellowshipping will be ended, and shunning will no longer be necessary. I see this as being a public relations move, since shunning has gotten the Witnesses a lot of bad press. Family members shunning other family members isn't good PR, especially in the Internet era. Of course, the risk will be that, once shunning has ended, a large number of Witnesses will leave the Organization. Am I dreaming? Maybe, yet with JW.ORG in full swing, it seems anything is now possible.

  • jam

    I hope so, I have a few choice words to say to my famliy...Kiss my


  • wannabefree

    Ending shunning would be a good thing, but it is hard to imagine that they would do this. Perhaps they will lighten up on family shunning like they did back in the 80's only to flip back again. Who knows, they seem to be image driven at present. But that is a lot of years of family pain to just wipe away with new understanding.

    As far as KM being available to DF'd ones ... well, they made it available on the internet for public download. They sound merciful by mentioning that it is available to DF'd ones now ... no sh!t, it's freely available to apostates too!


    END DF'ing?!?!?! Not in a million years. No, No, No....never happening. What are all the veiled threats about losing out on life without DF'ing?? Where is the extra layer of information control?!?! The WTBTS will NEVER allow dubs to interact with DF'd family. Can you imagine what dubs would be exposed to??

    That would violate cult-101 behavior. It's not happening. ANY doctrine can be dropped or altered or flip-flopped ad infinitum, but DF'ing stays.


  • naazira

    They may alter dfing a bit.

    Like a 7day disfellowship period.

    That would be a loving arrangement, as Jehovah desires all to be saved.

  • AlphaMan

    Some people have been shunned by their JW families for decades. Would they so willingly accept their JW family back into their lives just because GB 2.0 lifted the shunning practice? That just shows the Watchtower is more wrong on bible doctrine beliefs and following the lead of men.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I could see them going more moderate on treating DF persons who are NOT mentally diseased apostates. People DFd merely for screwing around, overdrinking, alcohol & drug addiction, and other mundane sins could be treated as just worldly persons who need their help to return to God and the Organization.

    Apostates, on the other hand, are the nemesis of the WT Organization.

    Apostates, KNOW TTATT.


  • This is my tigersuit
    This is my tigersuit

    yes we do, DOC! apostate power!

  • jam

    Agree with the above, "DF'ing stays" It will be a wake up call for

    some folks. Parents have missed out of seeing their grandkids,

    youngs ones have missed out in seeing their mother or father

    growing old. After 10,20 30 years of shunning, now you say it's OK.

    Many JW families are suffering just as much as those they are shunning.

    Many will find it hard to call you and say it's ok to speak to you, and

    try to explain the reason behind such much suffering over the years.

    That would be a BIG wake up call.

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