Brett King (Jehovah's Witness) Releases Video of why he removed his ill son, Ashya, from a UK hospital

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  • Phizzy

    I agree Cofty (dammit, as usual, I would love to find something you say that I can demolish !) but deep inside I have a gut feeling that maybe the Doctors in this case were doing the usual N.H.S thing of looking at the cost first.

    I do wonder too if the Doctor (s) here were feeling that past experience with JW's was a factor to consider when addressing the family's wishes, he (they) may have had to overide JW's silly ideas in the past, and may have felt this was another such occasion.

    I am quite sure that all concerned in the case want the very best outcome for the little boy, medical staff, the police, and of course the family.

    As we all do here too I am sure, as you say, we can wait and see, that is if we ever learn everything about it, the Media drop this sort of thing in no time for fresh tragedies.

  • nonjwspouse


    Given that over a week after the operation the planned chemo and radiotherapy had not yet started, I would bet that the disagreement wasn't about a future treatment but the immediate dangers of operating without blood.

    A brain operation very rarely, if ever, needs blood. The treatment afterwards, which causes destruction of the cells, very likely could need blood.

    This sounds like a desperate family, wanting the best for their child. Maybe less damage, maybe less pain, Drs are not perfect at all. You may have three drs agreig and a forth strongly disagreeing. It depends on the Drs experiences, knowledge etc. Each Dr is different.

  • Gadget


    most operations very rarely need blood, but its part of the standard consent forms that are completed before each one. Even if the Dr thought that there was only a one in a million chance of needing blood they would need to have a disucussion about what they would do in the worst case scenerio to ensure they had fuly informed consent.

  • WatchTower87

    Italian WebSite speak about Brett King faith.

    (translate with google translate) and make Like ;)


  • kaik

    In the Czech media, there was update on the Ashya condition and seems that Proton Beam Therapy worked.

  • Fisherman

    The reason why JW's do not accept blood transfusion medicine is religious beliefs. And many countries if not most I think respect JW freedom of choice of medical treatment based on religious beliefs, but that does not extend to children because the law in most lands, if not all, rules that parents shall not make "life and death" medical choices for children based on their beliefs, but only for medical reasons. Since, most parents are not medical doctors, the Courts in most countries- if not all- believe that when medical doctors believe that a blood transfusion is necessary for a child and a parent gives medical reasons challenging medical expert opinion, the doctor knows more. And in conclusion, the Court decides, not the majority, not the parent, not the doctor, the Law.

    Another meaning of conclusion is a belief, no matter how many people believe a conclusion it is still only a belief. And no matter how many people believe a belief for whatever reasons they have to believe it, it is still only a belief, an opinion, others can disagree.

  • prologos
    There was news that the boy is now cancer free.
  • kaik
    Lets hope, the boy is cured and the cancer would not return. Proton Radiation Therapy is a lifesaver. My friend had one done in Prague couple months ago and had bad prognosis. I will be heading to his wedding in summer. Last four years I lost two my female friends to breast cancer. Horrible disease and I wish there would be a real cure.

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