I do not miss anything about the conventions

by Darth Fader The Sequel 39 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • rebel8

    I could really go for a crappy cheese danish right now.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I also was going to say I miss the cheese danishes. But they don't have them anymore anyway, so why should they have me there?

  • WTWizard

    There is nothing worthwhile at those Grand Boasting Sessions that I cannot get right on my computer, without the hassle, by typing in "US Hyperinflation" into any search engine. You want end-time drama that is backed up by reality? You want something you can really do that will really help you in the long run? Just watch some of those videos about how the dollar is soon to become toilet paper, and you know that it is mathematically necessary. Just watch some of those videos about how someone is opening a monster box of silver, or a package containing 20 or 30 bars of silver (10 ounces each), 10 or more tubs of assorted silver coins and rounds, rounds in the area of 5 ounces up to a kilo, and still managing to get several dozen gold eagles.

    The best part is the cost will probably be lower than what attending a Grand Boasting Session would have been. Instead of wasting time pious-sneering, you simply spend the money you would have wasted at the Grand Boasting Session on silver. (Or gold, or both.) You keep the silver and gold. You have something tangible, your wealth is protected against hyperinflation, and your video watching is probably more entertaining than what you would have been forced to watch. Plus, you can break it up into sessions as you see fit.

    Or, you can waste the time going to the Grand Boasting Session, take time off from work, waste somewhere near 6-8 ounces of silver's worth on motel rooms and meals, another 3-4 ounces on gas to get there and back, donate another 5-15 ounces into the Worldwide Damnation Fund, and be cursed to live poor.

  • blondie
  • Quendi

    I attended conventions from 1975 to 2005. The 1975 convention in Huntsville, Alabama was a very exciting one. We were all brimming over with anticipation of Armageddon coming that year. While the program did not make any definite predictions about that, saying that we shouldn't slow down and 'watch the clock', it did build our anticipation for the grand finale of "the system of things." Many of us really thought that the next year would see us in the "new system." I liked the 1978 international convention because ours was in New Orleans and that was a great city to visit. The 1982 convention was special because it was my first one in Denver and I really enjoyed meeting many new people then.

    In all those years of convention attending, I stayed in hotels only twice. Once I was in a private home and stayed with a very gracious host. Conventions did not involve the stress for me that it had for others mainly because I did not have a family. In addition, after moving to Colorado, conventions no longer were the highlight of my summer. Exploring Colorado's high country became the main focus of the summer months and this was facilitated by having conventions early leaving the rest of the summer for play. On balance, however, I suffered many of the negatives Darth Fader recounted. Now that I'm out of the cult, I don't miss these banal gatherings at all. They never really did serve a good purpose and usually made its attendees feel nothing but FOG (Fear, Obligation, Guilt) when they were over. I'm glad I will never attend a Jehovah's Witness gathering again.


  • Ucantnome

    in the 20 years after 1975 i only attended one convention every day, in the mid 80's. i never liked them.

    i think it was due to going to them as a kid at twickenham.

  • designs

    Speaking of the famous Assembly Danishes- The last District Convention I went to a sister sat a few seats away with a bag of candy and munched through that whole bag all day long till the session was over. The sugar buzz must have been amazing.

  • Mum

    The one thing I miss apparently no longer exists. I miss four days of no food preparation or housework. It was the JW version of a "vacation."

  • XkhanX

    We did not miss it a bit. It is a real waste of time. At times, I can't recall most of the talks, because, 1. Poor quality of the speakers, 2. Poor manuscript talks with recycled materials 3. Shallow biblical topics. We are so happy we not attending DC. For the first time in our life, we look forward to weekends. It's a time to rest, n ponder abt spiritual things, go do things you love and spend quality time with family, relatives and new friends.

  • Ucantnome

    i liked the books. i like colour and books and colouring books and i used to get a colouring book at the meetings until it was wrong.

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