I do not miss anything about the conventions

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  • designs

    Running the Donut and Snow Cone machines

  • stuckinarut2

    Great review dearth!

    Excellent points....couldnt have said it any better!

  • blondie

    I was the only sister allowed to run the donut machine.

    The food was even better at the circuit level...in the ones I was in anyway.

  • designs

    ...and the Soft-serve Ice Cream maker Yummm

  • NCO

    I miss the skirt-chasing because I was a teenager back then. I kinda miss working in food service (back when they had it) because it was hectic and challenging and could be fun at times. Plus it got me out of my seat early and returned me to my seat late.

    I don't miss the rest. It's all a big show. Everyone puts on a big show of how spiritual they are. Yeah bullcrap. Who are they putting on a show for? God knows better, ain't nobody fooling Him. Only ones they're all fooling is each other. They sit through hours of indoctination and propoganda because a convention gets them away from their daily routine and they get to visit with old friends.

    I'm surprised the organization hasn't sent a bunch of "suggestions" and "guidance" (pronounced: rules) downrange about going out to dinner after the convention. About how, instead, JW's should go home and study the Watchtower or something lame and isolating.

  • Strangelove

    You know what, there are some things that I kind of miss. That of the ending. This can be in line with general meetings, service and of course, are topic of choice, the Conventions and Assemblies.

    See, at the very end, that feeling of anticipation to briskly walk out the doors into the summer wind, or in some cases, butt cold temperatures was almost overwhelming. JDubs feel it too, only they call it something else. Holy Spirit.

    I remember on our "Night" meetings, I would be half asleep near the end, had school or work in the morning, and when I got out, I felt this energy within me. I confused this and said I had been spiritually fed. (Bleh!) My excitment was really just escaping a boring and stuffy program I was forced to be in for, a really damn long time. The night before the convention, I never wanted to go to bed. Like a romantic night, you never want it to end, but my reasoning was just as every one elses. "I do not want to get up at 6 in the morning on my weekend off to sit for hours in a crowded enviorment. And then, to do it all over again for 3 to possibly 5 more days depending on your decade in."

    I mean, I thought it was boring as hell when I was a child. But I really tried as hard as I could to get anything out of the conventions I attended as an adult. And nada. It was actually paying attention that got me to be more critical in thinking. It's why I honestly think more apostates are formed from actually looking deep into the doctrine and paying close attention. Given time, they will leave.

    Ugh, and who can forget when the AC went out. I think we've all been there. Seeing everyone and their mother next to you fanning themselves with WT Literature. An image I probably won't forget. As I did the same, cause mom and dad did it. How times can change a person.

    The OP. One I took from in particular was the ass numbingly long opening and closing prayer. Good Greif those were brutal. I mean it too, absolutely painful to endure. Gah!

    I think something that got me thinking while attending one of these, was, their advice. And realizing how much I rejected it. I tried to accept it, so as to not have a man in the sky read my thoughts to find imperfection. That of when we are in trouble, the Brother speaking said, "Pray, and if that don't work..." I swear this is what he said next, "Pray again."

    I don't think I've ever heard advice quite as bad as that. And I knew it as I did the day I heard it sitting amoung the drones I called my family.

  • losingit

    The second to laat convention I went to, I was still with my husband. I made a point of looking beautiful every day of the convention. Huh. I remember what I wore that last day we were together as a family at a convention. He held me tight during the prayer. I didn't listen to it at all. I was just focused on being close. The convention after that he refused to sit with me and the girls. That was the last convention I ever attended. It's funny, the memories. But yes, the conventions sucked hard core. There is nothing for me to reminisce about. All sad or a waste of time.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    Thank you to everyone for the great replies.

  • DesirousOfChange

    We enjoyed the day we spent at the convention this weekend.

    We arrived late, just in time for intermission and found a parking spot in the 2nd row where someone had obviously left the site to go for lunch. Thus we got to visit with many old friends from the distant area who don't know we are fading.

    We left early, as in right after the intermission. Thought we could do that very discreetly however we were surprised how many were still milling around after the session had started.

    It was great to make an "appearance". We'll do the same next weekend at the other RC so we can say "we went to the OTHER one" when we're asked about the convention.


  • pearlsister

    I did not go this year, and I agree with everything you said. (of fact it made me laugh )

    I don't miss eather the stress of getting ready the day before and the stress of getting there and dealing with the crowds..

    Instead, I enjoyed my weekend doing other stuff more fun and more insteresting with the extra money I saved from not going.

    I saved stress and time/money - gain more fun, more joy, and peace of mind !

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