When You See A Witness What's Your Reaction?

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  • braincleaned

    I preach atheism to them using their own words and Bible. Muahahahaha!

    And it's not like I didn't have any results either. So far, 7 are now either agnostic or atheists.
    None are still JWs.
    One more is on her way...

    I have little respect for those who abandon and think you can't change a JW. Proof is in the pudding, like on this site.
    Just remember that we are rarely taken seriously by family...

  • Dagney

    Different reactions.

    When I see JWs I don't know, I think I feel pity.

    When I see people I know, my poor brain goes back into memories and I end up angry sometimes that we have this divide. It's a stupid line in the sand that is a waste of time and emotion.

    I'm included in some social occasions with JWs, and althought I'm annoyed at the division and weirdness of it all, I realize how much we all have grown that have left. JW's conversation is empty...boring...all they have to talk about is their day and their "theo" activities. There is no need for them to expand their mind or find interests because they are so "special;" they are the only people that are going to survive a earth wide catastrophe...so why bother? Then I breathe a sigh of relief and appreciate my escape from the emptiness of mind control. Phew.

    I am going to meetup with some JW's I haven't seen in 13 years next week. I'm wondering why they want to meet and where their heads are at. Hopefully they are on the path out. What a waste of time and life to stay in this loser religion.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    Dagney- I have felt the same way for a LONG TIME about the very limited, child-like, myopic conversations that are possible with devout JW's in a casual setting. I pride myself on being able to hold an interesting conversation with anyone from anywhere on almost any topic. I have done it in many different ways with people from all walks of life and from very distant places. Always interesting. But the conversation with so many of the JW's is nothing short of torture. Especially the ones that get all their world news and scientific facts from the Awake magazine. I quickly begin looking for an exit.

  • Balaamsass2

    1. Curiosity. Which JW is it? Do I know them? Friend or foe......

    2. If 2-3 Elders at my door....I make like a bean bag chair......just like when as JWs we had Halloween trick or treaters at the door....

  • not bitter
    not bitter

    Quick, hide

  • Daisychaindream

    I don't recognise half of them. The ones I do know I ignore as I would anyone on the tube. as much as the next few months will kill me I'm not into playing games.

  • Tempered

    My thought is "good luck". You are under mind-control. Nobody helped me out. Nobody will help you out. Learn to think for yourself and you might be ok. So yeah, "good luck".

  • Perry

    My heart goes out to them. I immediately wonder who their cousins, aunts and uncles might be that are praying for them. I do everything I can to try and talk to them most of the time.

  • JWdaughter

    I always wish they'd try to engage me in conversation. They never do. Even when they come to the door, they won't talk to me cause I speak English. My husband had a visit right after we moved in and was very friendly and kind and they never came back. 5 mos and counting.

  • Ucantnome


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