When You See A Witness What's Your Reaction?

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  • ShirleyW

    If they're doing their imitation of a statue holding mags it's utter disgust. If they're in front of the setup tables talkinng to each other llike they're at a gathering then it's "what a bunch of fools wasting their time".

  • label licker
    label licker

    My husband is df'd so when he sees them he runs after them and just his words" hello" makes them run for their lives. Pathetic.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Forgot to add when I see him do this, we laugh and laugh and laugh.

  • SophieG

    I act like I never left! Same old friendly me! Hiiiiiii! Throws them into normal mode!

  • Spectre

    There is a bunch of them I'd like to see. Sort of a high school reunion type thing.

  • problemaddict

    I run into JW's all the time. Most of my family and friends are JW's. Far from wanting to "smash their face in", I love them and say hi and feel about them the same way i would any close friends.

    Run of the mill JWs that show up at the door? I think nothing. Maybe pity?

    JW's I know are judgemental, narrcisistic, rude, SOB's......my heart beats a little faster, but I offer them no reaction.

  • flipper

    My view is kind of like the poster Mum's of feeling a kind of annoyance and a kind of pity for them. I will try to talk to JW's and reason with them sometimes if I have the energy. But if I'm busy I pass the opportunity by . It takes a lot of mental energy to talk to these people and sometimes I'm too tired and just don't want to bother with it

  • DisArmed

    For a while, when I recognized a witness, I would always say hello. I wasn't going to play by their rules. I received different reactions. Some wouldn't look me in the eye, others would respond and even further a conversation. I did this for a couple years then decided I didn't want to put them in an awkward situation. But that was my choice, hell I toed the company line sometimes too when I was in. I sort of decide now what to do on a case by case.

  • ABibleStudent

    If I know a JW or JWs are out in service, I will say hi to them or attempt to engage them in conversation. I like being nice to them and causing them cognitive dissonnance.

    Today, I saw my Spiritually-Strong (non-thinking) JW and former friend at Trader Joe's. I walked up to her and said hi. She responded that she could not get rid of me with a little laugh and attempted to give me a friendly hug. I haven't seen her for a few months when I attempted to say hi to her when she visited the gym that I go to.

    We had a pleasant conversation for about 10 minutes talking about what we were doing in our lives. Unfortunately, I stated that I thought that the judicial committee's decision was B.S. to disfellowship her for engaging in pornei with the JW who she was/is dating. I doubt they reached 2nd base. I really wanted to scream at her (but didn't) that she is in a dangerous cult and how foolish she was for going to and telling the elders what she and her boyfriend did.

    Then she said the thought-stopping platitude that that is the reason that we could never be together, I wished that I had said, "I have two better reasons than that for not being in a relationship with you." I would love to say to her that I could never be in a menage à trois relationship with someone I love nor with a member of a dangerous cult.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • steve2

    On the increasingly rare occasions I see them out and about, my immediate reaction is, " You've got to be kidding?! Crimpolene still exists!"

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