When You See A Witness What's Your Reaction?

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  • phats

    I tend to only see them in Waitrose getting there free coffee so when I pass by I make a conscious move over to say hello with my hand outstretched. This tends to unnerve them so with a big smile & friendly positive demeanour I look them straight in the eye I say hello how are you? Then when they reply & ask how I am I tell them all the positive things that have happened in a quick & condensed fashion, close with a yes, I feel truly blest & then say oops I'm late for an important meeting & leave very happy & content. I can't help chuckle when I see the look on there faces.

    The best revenge is just being happy, it throws them every time


  • cultBgone

    Don't see them around much as there are no areas for them to place their stands near my workplace. Never see them out shopping or dining.

    Mostly I feel sad that they are wasting their lives.

    Still haven't answered the door for elders but maybe in the future...naaah, I won't. Would just be a waste of my time and energy as they don't give a whit about me personally and never did. I was only useful as a pioneer dumb enough to have kids pioneering too.

  • 4thgen

    The other day while I was working in front of a bank at table for the Center for Prevention of Abuse, two pioneers came to visit me. My son advertently told them where i was....he did warm me of their visit ;().... I felt sick to my stomach when I saw them walk up to me. At the time I thought it was a coincidence.

    "Oh, were you out in service?" I asked "Still am" the pioneer said. (Ew, can you feel the love????) They told me they missed me and I thought 'I haven't been at the hall in 3 years' yeah sure they miss me. (NOT)

    The public visit was tense. I am so glad I am not with them anymore. It just galls me that they are using me for easy time. Grrrrr! Also, since they saw me at the table for the Center for Prevention of Abuse, I’m sure the rumor mill will start up again. Oh well….I just wish they would leave me alone!

  • LongHairGal

    4th Gen:

    I wouldn't allow them to use me as "easy time".... Nope.... A normal conversation I can accept.... How's life and that sort of thing. But, not "witnessing"... I would not listen to this garbage.

    By you asking them if they were out in service, you, unfortunately, set the tone of the conversation. In the future, I would not do that.

    If I were you just say hello and look busy. If the conversation goes in this direction, find a way to say "excuse me". You should not be made to feel trapped because you are working at a table.

    In fact, I remember running into a JW couple in recent years and the preachy husband launched into his long-winded "thing"... After a few sentences, I looked at my watch and said: "Sorry, we have to go..." I am sure that took the wind out of his sails, but I had no tolerance for him or his sermon.

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