Pixar the production company is jealous of Caleb and Sophia video's

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    I sat next to Donald Trump in First Class last week on a flight from London to New York and he said he was jealous of the Watchtower for being so successful in the real estate business.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    @ skeetr1 : What did the Pixar guy say about the deaf video?

    Pixar had nothing to say about the WT masterbation video...but Carpal Tunnel surgeons absolutely love it!

  • steve2

    Even if the quote were included in one of their publications, I'd still doubt it. Sometimes, these people take something that has a skerrick of truth in it - e.g., "Oh what good videos you guys make!" - and through repetition it turns into something radically different - and invariably gushing and over the top.

    Besides, gushing about developments in the organization is something that has happened for decades. It happened in Rutherford's day - and who can forget those photos of wide, smiling eyes thrusting "new releases" at the cameras in the 1950s - or the ecstasy that accompanied the release of the "blue bombshell" in 1967? 1968? (remember the confident nonsense that was spewed that the "Truth" book would be the last one ever needed for bringing people into the organization? Where is the "Truth" book now? Gathering dust with its "predictions" about the timing of the end removed).

    This is simply more of the same. It is nothing new. The disappointment for you - with your husband still as vulnerable to getting caught up in the delirium - is that people with active brain cells could keep doing this after this long. It is incredible isn't it? Yet, your mistake is to credit them with active brain cells. You may need to revise your hypothesis about their brain capacity - honestly!

  • Spectre

    Leave it to a CO to say something as stupid as this. I bet the guy hasn't seen a movie in 30 years.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I had to watch some if these Caleb videos to see what all the animation bigwigs were frothy about. Wow, really amateur.

    I have experience of 3D modelling at work, mainly scientific, but I do a bit of character stuff as a hobby. I'm not amazing at it but I couldn't do much worse than the JW videos. The rigging and weighting of the characters and their ponderous movements at certain times were quite poor. Some sections were animated ok, like run sequences and mouth movements. They've obviously bought predesigned scripts for some parts, but they then look out of place next to the poorly animated parts especially facial expressions and general body movement. Also no effort has been made with cloth or hair simulation ir any physics that I've seen so far. It's not even that hard with the right software, you just need enough cpu power to compute it.

    I will eat all my shoes, 4 pairs in all, and post the video on youtube if an employee of Pixar passed any positive comment on the Caleb videos.

  • Oogie

    Our good friend Palimpsest over at JWR has a Pixar contact. She emailed him, this was his response:

    "hadn't heard of it. passed it around my pod and no one recognized it. we follow animation close obviously so its not anything major. an exec would only know it if it had been in festivals or came through screening here.

    the production is a fair amateur effort. whoever made it is a little trained but not experienced. its basic and wouldn't win any awards in a student show. but its better than alot of the shorts I've seen. still no way an exec said that. the message is as oppoiste of what we say in our films as it gets ."

    the thread is here: http://www.jehovahswitnessrecovery.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=20756&start=10#p281760

  • jwfacts

    Why don't JWs see there stories as lies? Most have seen both Pixar and Watchtower cartoons, so must know the story could it be true.

  • blondie

    Brother Knorr witnessing to the Pope on a flight...................I remember that BS

    Always no names, person telling person telling person....no one knows original teller to confirm. Isn't that how the WTS does it....names changed, unconfirmable by any rank and file jw.

  • Apognophos

    It was urban legends like these being repeated among JWs that made me realize that people are inherently gullible with regards to others in their "in group" and that Witnesses are no different. That started me wondering if I should be believing what I'd been taught from infancy just because the people around me believed it.

  • Pistoff


    That was such a stunning episode; Rusty (McConaughey's character) goes on to say that some consider religion to be a language virus.

    The writing on that show was great; such a bleak portrayal.

    Early on it seemed like Rusty's character was only about the bleakness; by the end I saw his character as being affected by the death of his daughter.

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