Would you do this to your kids? Is this cold or am I crazy?

by BU2B 61 Replies latest jw experiences

  • KiddingMe

    Rent it from the hardware store...that way if something happens to it, it will likely be covered by insurance. I can only imagine how much it may cost you if something happens to your in-laws tent while it's in your possession.

  • BU2B

    You have to be part robot, and turn off your "natural affection" in order to shun your own parent or child. If the bible was true then JWs would be in fulfillment of the scripture "the love of the greater number will cool off".

    As a side point, these thoughts in my head were held in there, bottled up. I thought I would share with you people who would understand, and within 20 minutes I get great responses from all the corners of our planet! How awesome is that?

  • BU2B

    Lisarose- Absurd is the perfect word for it. They are brutal even by JW standards.

  • millie210

    BU2B, Just make sure that if you throw their "anniversary party" that you bill your in laws. After all, you will be functioning as a party planner, caterer and clean up crew.

  • scary21

    Bye Bye Birdie No party for him for sure......Does he know how much catering cost ? What an ass !

  • scary21

    I love the idea of a princess party.

  • skeeter1

    His own grandaughter, and he won't provide a tent for her party? What an a-hole! Rent from the store. It has insurance in case the tent malfunctions.

    He tries to extract as much money as he can from those around him. He's an extractor, when it comes to financial transactions. I bet he'd be a moocher if the tables were turned and you were offering something for free. It's a sign of someone who is very self-centered.


    DO NOT under any circumstances participate in his anniversary party!!! If your wife insists on going let her attend without you. You are CERTAINLY under no obligation to foot the bill for it. The best bet if for you to just ignore the whole thing. Your in-laws having no problem TAKING from others, but try ASKING them for anything. You'll get the cold shoulder. I have generally found JWs to be very stingy people.

  • OnTheWayOut

    This guy is a total jerk. Yes, do not rent from him. Go further. I see no problem with him charging [something] for a profitable daycare, but gouging his own family is ridiculous. I would look for somewhere else to rent since he is raising the rent. (If it's still the best price available, then take your time looking.)

    I would never "throw" a party for this guy. Give your parents a gift for their anniversary- something only SHE will like. Show up empty-handed with your gift or even mail the gift. "What party? Well- you didn't submit your budget and I didn't get a down-payment, so I figured you couldn't afford the party."

    If the quality of the tent isn't great, consider buying from Walmart.

  • jamiebowers

    You can buy a 10 X 20 tent in various colors, (too bad the pink is out of stock), for a little more than $90. We bought the 10 X 30 last year. It really is nice quality, and my husband put it up by himself, although the directions say it takes about six people to do so. Here is the link:


    Good luck with the Princess Party! The pink tent would be just perfect, but the white one will do for that and any other event. Also be sure to give your in-laws an estimate on how much they'll have to pay for their anniversary party. Just think how much money they'll save by using their dusty old tent, LOL!

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