Would you do this to your kids? Is this cold or am I crazy?

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  • problemaddict

    Hilarious. He is going to "rent" his tent to his daughter and granddaughter. Mighty white of him.

  • Oubliette

    Business is business and Family is family.

    Anyone that cannot comprehend the implications and significance of both deserves neither!

  • cookiemaster

    Asking your daughter rent money for an object she wants to use (especially for a party of your granddaughter ) is seriously lame.

  • BU2B

    Wow AnneB- you have a right to your opinions but geez, Im glad I'm not related to you.. At what point does it stop? How is providing someting for your granddaughter, who you do nothing for freeloading? I take offense to that. Most people will borrow something from family that they do not need on a regular basis.. Whats the harm?

    He is trying to profit from his closest family for no other reason than greed. If you dont have family, who do you have? Where do you draw the line? Is it ok to charge your kids for toilet paper by the square? Perhaps charge them a fee for the privledge of having a glass of milk?

    The thing is, these people call themselves christian, can you picture what Jesus would say about this situation?

    While I know that raising a child is the responsibility of the parent, something is wrong when grandparent want minimal contact with their grandchildren. Most grandparents I know want to see more of them.

  • BU2B

    AnneB- We have a word for the attitude you describe.. Selfish.

  • WingCommander

    You guys want to hear about "cold" in-laws? My 6-yr son & 14 yr old step-son went to a movie and lunch with their 16 & 20-yr old cousins and grandmother. At lunch, my 6-yr old son accidentally spilled his 20-yr old cousins iced tea on her outfit. He was given a prompt verbal lashing, to the point that people turned around to see what was wrong. She then opened her smartphone and proceeded to call him a "stupid brat" to hundreds of her followers on Twitter. I discovered this upon their return home that evening. My wife and I were outraged, and called her neice out on such behaviour. Know what my sister-in-law told my wife? To suck it up, get over it, and keep coming to family functions anyway. (EI: keep bringing forth the gifts!) My loving SIL also said, "Well, that's not the WORST he's ever going to be called." I have not seen or spoken to my neices in 4 years. The offending niece didn't even have the deceny to take down her hateful remarks, and these were after she had insulted me as well. (I had let that go, but not my son's remarks). She has since claimed that my son "acts older" so hence somehow deserves such a public belittlement. To add insult to injury, the grandmother has always preferred the grand-daughers, and so hence kisses their asses and allows them to get away with murder, and to hell with our family's hurt feelings or my son. Needless to say that due to this treatment and much, much worse since, we don't see or speak to my wife's sister's family, and pretty much not at all to her parents either. For daring to call them out on their hateful behaviour, my father-in-law told my wife last year that I'm no longer welcome in their home. He's 87. I hope he enjoys what little life he has left without his grandson, because I'll be damned if my son is going to be around someone like him or his toxic asshole of a family. They are holier-than-thou, self-centered narcassists who are masters at deflecting blame back upon their victims. I've never seen anything like it, and I'm appaulled; want nothing to do with them. They are Advent Lutherans. They can drop dead too.

    - Wing Commander

  • WTWizard

    Renting a tent from a friend for that kind of money? I would simply teabag the whole thing by going to L.L. Bean and getting a tent that is the right size for this, and future, needs. You will get a better tent, it will probably be easier to set up, it will probably last longer, and you will not be paying this witless for using it. Yes, you will pay more for it there. But, better quality at full price is a better deal than cheap crap, and far better than paying that much to just use it that one time.

  • sir82

    For all you non-American readers who want insight into American politics, AnneB's response is a spot-on perfect reflection of the "Tea Party" platform.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    First off, the attitude of BU2B's father-in-law, apparently endorsed by AnneB, is despicable. It is selfish beyond words. To refuse to do anything for one's family simply out of love and generosity, without looking for personal gain, is greedy and self-serving and completely belies and negates any religious "higher ground" one might pretend to claim.

    But at the risk of starting a firestorm, sir82's equating AnneB's response to a reflection of the Tea Party platform is totally incorrect. For the record, I am not a Tea Party member or proponent. I am more of an Independent who believes in equal opportunity, personal responsibility, and self-reliance. The Founding Fathers (of the United States) did not believe in, endorse, or set up a Government welfare system. They knew all too well that such would create a dependency. They much preferred that the truly needy rely on private, usually religious, charity and most contributed freely of their own funds towards such charities. A certain amount of stigma associated with receiving such charity tended to limit the recipients to those truly in need.

    This is entirely different from today's welfare system where people can simply choose to live off the system rather than take advantage of the free public education system and learn how to work to provide for themselves. Entire generations are brought up to believe that the world "owes" them a living and they are free to have as many children as they want and expect others to feed, clothe, and house them. This pattern is self-perpetuating and ultimately unsustainable. The political party that most avidly supports this system facilitates and tacitly encourages this behavior because it continuously expands their power base. The same is true of ethnic leaders who seldom if ever decry the constantly increasing rates of illegitimacy and dependency in their groups. The more the merrier, since it increases their own influence and political power.

    That said, an "every man for himself" attitude is unloving, selfish, and well, just wrong. People should care about others and share freely when able. To always look at others, especially family, as income opportunities reveals a truly bankrupt heart. I wouldn't want to be around people like that, family or not. Being caring and generous has less to do with being Christian, or whatever, than with simply being a good person. Anyone can be loving and generous without attributing it to belief in ancient fairytales and myths. In fact, those who profess belief in such superstitions and yet are actually selfish and greedy besmirch the "faith" or belief system they are so proud of. Hypocrites!

  • sporece

    When ever they want to see your daughter make sure they don't. They don't deserve it. He's a real greedy prick.

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