Would you do this to your kids? Is this cold or am I crazy?

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  • BU2B

    My mentally in JW wife is trying to organize a "princess party" for my 4 year old daughter and her little cousins and friends. She was looking at prices of a tent for the backyard party in case it rains. She asked the hardware store how much and they said 90 dollars for the day. She called her elder dad and asked him about using theirs. He said that he will only charge 50 dollars. WTF?? He would not need to set it up, only let her use it. It is currently collecting dust in his garage, yet he wants to charge for it?! Unfortunately this is nothing new for my inlaws. For our wedding anniversary the year before last, we were looking for someone to watch our then 3 year old so we could have a nice day as a couple, but they flat out refused because they "had service". We ended up taking her along. After that incident I knew who they really were. Now they expect their kids to throw them an anniversary party? Crazy.

    I told my wife to just pay the hardware store for the rental just out of principle. I should mention that they are not hard up for money since her mom works for the school system, he is a retired prison guard on a state pension, and does side work as a DJ and has rental properties. Also no mortgage payment and only 1 car payment.

    My wife and her sister have a daycare and they rent the space from their dad. Just last week, he said he is raising the rent 100$

    Just 2 weeks ago he charged my sister in law and her husband 300$ to DJ at her anniversary party. They are so money hungey and stingy it isnt funny. Anytime we see if they ca watch their grandkids they say, we cant we have field service. So cold.

    The silver lining is that maybe my wife will have to see that I am all she has, and when I stop going to the KH, she is more likely to stick around and be civil with me because she sees the lack of love at the KH and among most JWs, even her own parents.

  • cofty

    You are not crazy.

    Your father in law might even be more of an idiot than mine!


    There are a-holes in every religion. Sadly, JWs claim to be the only true Christians on Earth, all the while acting like judgmental douche bags.


  • stuckinarut2

    Very sad to hear!

    But even stranger is that your "in" wife is throwing a "princess party"...

    Doesnt she know that witnesses will condemn such as it is based on fairy tales, and worldly fantasies?!

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    That is greedy on their part. It should be free. What overhead And insurance and taxes is he paying on that?

    money is more important than his grandchild.

    i would buy an entire circus before giving him a dime,

    oh and let him know he has to pay for his own anniversary party....since you just bought a circus

  • berrygerry

    You do realize that your period of trial-marriage has ended, and that the bride-price is now due your F-I-L.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    BU2B- you have some VERY douche-baggy inlaws there. You have every right to be disgusted and cut those people out of your life. But, I've got you beat. My inlaws are much worse than yours. Trust me on this. Much worse.

  • Mum

    LOL, berrygerry! Seriously, I cannot imagine having so little feeling for one's children or grandchildren! In my family, we take turns babysitting my great granddaughter for free while her mom works full-time. We love having her around and are constantly amused by her little "experiments." She's 1.5 years old and a pure delight (most of the time)!

    Your in-laws' wiring is crossed or shorted out in some manner. Are they robots?

  • BU2B

    They have always been crazy, but have grown colder after their oldest daughter was DF. He was the direct cause of it since he was followig her aroud the city like some kind of private eye. He caught his 30 year old daughter meetig up with a worldly boyfriend, she spilled the beans and was DF its been 4 years now.

    I believe this cult sucks your soul and twists people into cold robots. You have to be if you shun your own child for the normal human activity of sex. Its been 4 years. I will be taking my kids to meet her soon if I can track her down. She deserves that. The danger is that some df people are so indoctriated, they feel they deserve it and will blow you in for talking to them. Also my 4 year old would blab about it and I have to prepare myself for the ensuing fight.

  • LisaRose

    I cannot imagine charging my own child any amount of money to rent a tent that I had sitting in my garage. It's cheap to the point of being absurd.


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