The Deepak Chopra Random Quote Generator

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  • cofty

    This computer program generates random quotes that sound just like actual Chopra woo woo...

    What gem do you get to guide you through life today?

    I got ...

    "Death fascinates the progressive expansion of excellence"

    Something to think about!

  • bohm

    I got: "Each of us unfolds through the flow of possibilities"

    I really can't tell it from the real deal!

    For more fun, here is how to make a Deepak Chopra debator: Take a paste it lab and write: "Because of your naturalistic presupposition, you cannot accept that" and put it just above the Deepak Chopra quote generator.

    Or a Deepak Choopra 1 million dollar challenge-generator. Same setup, just "I will offer a million dollars to the first person who can disproove that:"

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Mine has a William Blake-ish flavor to it:

    "Everything corresponds to the door of belonging"

  • CyrusThePersian

    "Your heart is the continuity of formless joy"

    Say what?

  • bohm

    I find it highly unrealstic the random generator is not pedling a woo-powered food suppleant!

  • Oubliette

    This is better than Chinese fortune cookies!!!

    • "Your heart embraces objective creativity"

  • cultBgone

    Here's mine:

    "Knowledge is the ground of personal possibilities"

  • rebel8

    AWESOME. Thanks for sharing this.

    Quantum physics projects onto the door of reality

  • Dagney

    "Your consciousness is entangled in species specific actions"

    Mine. This is hilarious. Thx for posting.

  • cofty

    I could get addicted to this.

    Please join me in making it a regular habit to spread some woo woo.

    I love Bohm's suggestion in the second post...

    "Because of your naturalistic presupposition, you cannot accept that eternal stillness is rooted in karmic destiny"

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