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  • LisaRose

    Watchtower quote generator, what I have so far, looking for suggestions choose one from each section: -


    All lovers of God

    Conscientious Christians

    Lovers of richeousness

    Mature Christians

    Those seeking to please Jehovah

    Faithful ones Honest hearted ones

    Seekers of righteousness


    Should consider

    Should note

    Wisely think

    Have learned

    doubtless know

    very likely remember

    Clearly know do well to recall


    What the apostle Paul

    what the bible

    what ancient bible writers

    what faithful men of old

    what Jesus

    what Jehovah

    what the counsel of God's Word

    what God's law

    what the scriptures


    wisely states,

    informs us,

    tells us to our benefit,

    shows us

    wants us to know,

    lovingly warns us,



    that Satan is out to get us.

    that the whole world is passing away.

    that this system is lying in the power of the wicked one.

    that wicked spirits seek to mislead us.

    that we all sin and fall short.

    that Jehovah will destroy evildoers.

    that the time left is reduced


    For example,

    note that,


    We should consider that

    Notice that

    Be assured that


    You are wise to consider that,

    Little wonder that,


    to please God,

    to survive into the promised New system,

    to be approved by Jehovah,

    to be counted as a loyal one,

    to take a stand for pure worship,

    to survive the coming destruction,


    mature Christians

    loyal servants of Jah

    faithful Christians

    true Christians

    those who seek to please Jehovah

    honest hearted ones

    sheeplike ones

    Christians like Andre


    always remember to

    faithfully strive to

    resolve to

    lovingly seek to

    never forget to

    work to

    never fail to

    in a heartfelt way


    pray to Jehovah every day.

    put God's kingdom first.

    resist the temptations of this world.

    not lean on their own understanding.

    take a stand on Jehovah's side.

    choose the right course in life.

    to follow the direction of God's approved channel,

    obey the faithful and discrete slave.

    manifest the fruitage of the spirit.

    Show genuine love.

    faithfully attend all Christian meetings

    Never fail to engage in the Christian ministry each month

  • sparrowdown

    Consciencious christians, do well to recall, that to stand for pure bullshit we need to follow God's approved channel.

  • cofty

    Lisa Rose - great work. It would be great if somebody has the programming skills to make that work.

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