I know 2 of the Elders on the Ray Franz JC

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    Wow I didn't realise the guys on Ray's committee were so young - I don't think he mentions that in COC?

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    Of course they were instructed that way, they wanted him out and would have stopped at nothing to do so. It it was a foregone conclusion that he was to be gone, then they would have been no need for anyone 'experienced' to do the JC

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    It's interesting that they weren't supposed to snatch him out of the fire. The Society had a mission. Just disfellowship him and we'll show you how.

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    Thanks for sharing.

  • Quarterback

    Very interesting. Thanks for this information

  • AnneB

    Would that John Joseph May and Martin Merriman could know this.

  • Mum

    I attended a JC once. I did realize at some point during the proceedings that, if it were legal, they would have taken me outside, tied me to a tree (or something), and set me alight. Thank God I was born in the USA. Objectivity and basing decisions on facts are alien concepts to the arbitrarily powerful.

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    MASH: James, I haven't really read your back story here, so perhaps you are out now? Potentially the details of the conversation you have posted could ultimately lead to a RL reveal.

    I am still very much in Physically and very active you could say. I have been sitting on this for awhile because I do not want to be outed.

    Willie Anderson, a longtime DO and CO was assigned by the Society to Gadsden AL to keep the Congregation from splitting up after Ray was DF. He lived there until he died a few years ago. His wife was interviewed at the IC in Atlanta 2 weeks ago.

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