What is the "new" date JWs are "hinting" at for Armaggeddon?

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    They printed in their mag earlier this year that the 2014 memorial could be the last memorial.

  • stuckinarut2

    BEST COMMENT AWARD!! I agree whole heartedly with these words you wrote....


    when will they learn?? Didn't the scripture say "no one knows the day or the hour except the father?" I would respect them a lot more if they focused on what kind of people they are and how to help others instead of what date it is all going to be over. That "the end is near" shit gives people an excuse to not participate in their own life, and to blame "the system" for why it is crappy. It's never, "boy I have a crappy life. What do I need to change?" it is always "boy, I have a crappy life. I can't wait until the New System comes and destroys all the wicked who are doing this to me."

    Sigh. Makes me tired just thinking about it. All that wasted potential.

  • stuckinarut2

    A study earlier this year had them saying it had to be within the next 20 or 30 years MAXIMUM!

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    " 1: "Watchtower conducter told us this system only has a max of 20 years left based on the over lapping generation."

  • steve2

    The "new" date they hint at for Armageddon? The twelfth of Never. There - at last it's out.

  • cofty

    Watchtower conducter told us this system only has a max of 20 years left based on the over lapping generation.

    I have a vivid memory as a child sitting in the Coatbridge Kingdom Hall in the early 70s and hearing the following comment - "We don't kow the exact year but we can say for certain that we are in the laast decade of this old system". That was over 40 years ago.

  • Phizzy

    In their usual talk out of both sides of their mouth way I think they have left their options open.

    If they need to latch on to a date, then 2034 is an excellent choice for them, they cannot do that too soon though, those ones who have served with the End in mind all their lives who are now in their 60's or 70's would be appalled at the thought of waiting another 20 years, and more than likely dying before that date.

    What they may try first is morphing in to a more caring religion, stressing how we treat our fellow man, maybe they have made a start with the Article about following the Golden Rule in their "Ministry", then, closer to 2014 whip up some more End Times fervour, especially if actually being nice, caring people who actually contribute something to Society does not appeal to the R&F.

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    The Searcher

    Come on folks, pay attention - you are clearly not listening to the "inspired expressions" (1 John 4:1) coming out of the mouths of Kermit impersonators!! (Rev. 16:13,14)

    It's coming "soon"!!!!!!! Just keep believing those in Brooklyn, and totally disregard Jesus' words that NO man knows the day or the hour, (Matt. 24:36) nor did it belong to anyone to even know the season, (Acts 1:7) and finally, since the G.B. et al are expecting it "soon", they cannot be TRUE Christians - because Jesus stated categorically that it would come at a time when his followers were NOT expecting it! (Matt. 24:44)

    Glorified Ones in Brooky - you've got it wrong BIG - time, and you know it!! Hence the money grab via the pledges, because you're separating the wheat from the chaff - you only want die-hards who are faithful to YOU, not to the faith!

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