What is the "new" date JWs are "hinting" at for Armaggeddon?

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  • booker-t

    After the 1975 "we did not say point blank Armaggeddon was coming we only suggested it might come" fiasco What is the new date JWs are "hinting" at for Armaggeddon? I know now they do not point to any specific date but hint that maybe it might occur such as before 2000 the preaching work will be finished. This is a suggestion not a prediction so they can wiggle out of this one. The 1984 generation will not pass away did a lot of harm for them with old time JWs but it was not a concrete date set on this. Yes that generation all died but with their new light on the generation they can say the generation has not died out yet. I think JWs have learned to set a date will only come back to bite them.

  • baltar447

    A friend of mine said some uber dubs were talking about travel plans and being concered that Armageddon might interrupt their trip (around Oct this year) O_o

  • bafh

    when will they learn?? Didn't the scripture say "no one knows the day or the hour except the father?" I would respect them a lot more if they focused on what kind of people they are and how to help others instead of what date it is all going to be over. That "the end is near" shit gives people an excuse to not participate in their own life, and to blame "the system" for why it is crappy. It's never, "boy I have a crappy life. What do I need to change?" it is always "boy, I have a crappy life. I can't wait until the New System comes and destroys all the wicked who are doing this to me."

    Sigh. Makes me tired just thinking about it. All that wasted potential.

  • Crazyguy

    I have the new light thats about to come out. You must take all the 40 days and the 40 years in the bible and add them all up then times by 10 heavenly profection number. If this doesnt come out to by soon yet still in the furture, then add some years simple as that....

  • Jeannette

    If you've left that cultish religion then you have survived Armageddon.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I know what date they WILL pick, if they pick any. 2034.

    Let's face it this religion will not surive betond that year anyway.

    How will they get that year?

    120 years in Gen 6:3. So 1914+120=2034.

    Also if Jesus dies in 33CE (As WT teaches) Then Hosea 6:2 will be used to teach the two days being 2000 years and on the third day (2033) he will raise them (the anoited) and they will live in his sight...etc Remember the WT teaches a rapture prior to Armagedden now. So:

    2033 'Rapture of the anoited' and 2034 for Armagedden.

    That is assuming the WT will pick another date.

    I don't care I'm an atheist.

  • Crazyguy

    I believe your right, they have hinted at this already. I think they wait a few more years playing off the hundred year thing and hoping a few more elderly will die off. Then they can roll out 2034 and most will now get excited about this possible date, esspecially young ones like my poor daughter only 15 and newly baptised and eating all this crap up.

  • StAnn

    I'm out of touch. They're preaching the rapture now?

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    StAnn: Oh yes. I recnt WT from last year has the anoited being taken to heaven before armagedden. (This same article also placed the Governing Body as being the faithful and discreet slave... not the anoited.

    Recently (unless you in the Eastern hemesphere) the Regional Convention saw a release of a Book call God's Kingdom Rules which futher charts and shows the new 'rapture' idea.

  • bigmac

    i think the year 144,000 AD has a nice ring to it.

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