Ironic quote in the 5/14wt lesson "Are you moving ahead with Jehovahs Organization"

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  • KateWild

    I didn't go to today's meeting and surprisingly I had no call from my love one, huh some love eh?

    Well I read the article and found it was full of loaded language, forllow Jehovah's organisation and Jehovah will protect you, when it really means follow the GB and they will sap all of your energy from you so you can promote the money lending company and help them gain more properties and business.

    I have tried my best to get RI'd, anyone that said I could not last 12 months was right!!!! Well done I lasted one month hahahaha!!!! no harm done eh?

    Kate xx

  • stillin

    This article reminds me of something another poster said here that really stuck with me: "I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned."

  • problemaddict

    ^^^^One of my favorites. :)

    B2B my wife got a text from extended family, telling her todays WT was REALLY special and to make sure she checks it out. My wife said ok, we spoke about it for 10 minutes, and she says...."Why does _____ always call me when its a super culty article."

    My wife has never spoken like that. Its rad! They are digging their own grave with this continued conflation between the FDS and Jehovah.

  • thedog1

    15 If we are to have Jehovah’s favor and blessing as individuals, we must support his organization and accept adjustments in our understanding of the Scriptures

    Well you cant get much more blatant than that. Add that one to your site JWfacts! HEre is a clear statement that we CANNOT have God's blessing unless we not only support the WT but also Accept adjustmets in OUR understanding of the scriptures. The OUR means the GB. If someone cannot accept a change like the FDS or generation, then this article is saying that you cannot have Jehovahs favor or blessing!

    My wife, who is very loyal to the org and has finally worked out that I might be looking up 'dodgy websites', which she has pleaded with me not to do, in response to this paragraph in the wt study, said to me 'so they want to drive the waverers out and just keep the ultra-loyal ones?' Very interesting. She thought this would result in uber- witnesses being the only ones remaining.

  • Apognophos

    Ha, that's something, problemaddict!

  • Island Man
  • Zana

    I (UBM) went to the meeting with my wife and we somewhat discussed the article afterwards. She actually started it, realizing during the meeting, how I must cringing in my seat with all this talk about the org and why we should follow it. I am trying to make her see that there is a difference between believing in God (and maybe looking for some kind of personal relationship with him) and believing and following everything the WTBS says. So this means progress, as she almost apologized to me for being a JW, explaining that she stuck with them basically because all other christian religions she has had contact with, are a lot worse in her opinion.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I am moving so far ahead that I am out, thank you.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Yesterday's meeting was pretty unbearable. Here were the highlights:

    The public talk was about dealing with anxiety. I forget the exact title of the talk, but it's a fairly commonly used outline, "Coping with anxiety in today's world" or something like that. This was my first time hearing it while awake. The first 20 minutes (fully 2/3rds of the talk) the speaker was essentially just giving reason after reason for why we shoudl be anxious. I said to my wife at one point "it seems like the talk is designed to make us anxious. I was fine before I came in, but man it sure sounds like there's a lot to be anxious about." Usually any criticism of what's being said in the meetings is met with a stern look or a "i don't like it when you say things like that." this time, though, she smiled and said "was that not what the talk was about - 'Being anxious in today's world?'" Maybe I'm getting through to her a little, hopefully.

    On to the WT study:

    It's funny how differently you can read something depending on your mental state. Every time I read the phrase "our understanding" in a sentence that was encouranging the reader to accept and embrace the changes, the 'our' in my mind was the GB. It really reads differently when you see it that way - it reads abusive and controling: "I changed my mind, now you need to follow!". But a JW who hears that "our understanding" has changed, and they automatically include themselves as a part of 'our' as if by the mere announcement that you believe something different, it's somehow become a part of your own mental understanding and belief system. It's truely scary when you think of the extremes in how that power might be used.

    On Paragraph 10, I had something of a epiphany. They instruct us to read Proverbs 4:18 (the org's favorite scripture - light gets brighter) and of course everyone faithfully taps on the scripture on their iPad, reading in epub format and it takes them to the scripture. When I first discovered that they'd included the scriptures in the epub formatted WT, I was pretty surpised, because I'd always been told that we need to read scriptures directly from the bible - not printing out all the scriptures in the WT study and reading them off a sheet of paper. I didn't think of it much beyond that, though, and enjoyed the convenience. Yesterday, I realized the reason for the reversal: they're providing a convenient way to read the "necessary" scriptures, and now have absolutely no risk that someone might get ambitious and actually read the context! If they did that, they'd see that Prov. 4:18 doesn't actually apply in any way to what they were saying. It wouldn't be hard for them to instead link to the JW library app and take you to the scripture in context, if they wanted to - but that would be completely self-defeating.

    Par. 11 - we're encouraged to go to all the meetings. (I guess Jesus isn't really there when only 2 are gathered in his name, you have to be at the KH, too). In summation, before moving to the next paragraph, the conductor actually said these words: "With all the changes that have been going on, it's more important than ever to be at the meetings. If you miss a thursday and a sunday, you might not recognize the organization anymore"

    Par 14 was a good one. I always love to watch for the paragraphs where they don't even bother to cite any scriptural backing. One older brother and powerful elder made a shocking comment here in reference to the quote from Pryce Hughes " My early experience taught me how unsound it is to rely on human reasoning. Once my mind had been resolved on that point, I determined to stay by the faithful organization. " He re-read the quote, but when he got to the "Once my mind had been resolved" part he said "In other words, once he got his mind right." He went on to assert that if you aren't following along with everything you're told from the org, you "need to get your mind right."

    Par 15 was also interesting from my new perspective. It purports to liken the changes in the organization to the changes that had to be made in the 1st century. Looking at it as a JW, it totally validates that the org should be constantly changing, but if you actually read and discern what was going on, it takes a totally different meaning. Paul was telling them not to continue as though they were under the mosaic law - they had to 'keep up with god's organization.' The important difference, though, was that neither Jesus, nor Paul, nor anyone else EVER told them to follow the mosaic law in the first place. For this to be a true parallel, there'd have to be a scripture where Paul instructs the congregation to remain under law, then one where he changes his mind - obviously this isn't the case. The other intersting thing here, was that it cast the congregation members as being the ones at fault - perhaps a subtle attempt to reinforce the belief that things like 1975 where never advertised from the top, and was purely the fault of those in the congregation.

    All-in-all, a truely sickening meeting.

  • frankiespeakin

    Typical Wishful Thinking, I'm sure the writers of these type of articles must be mentally unbalanced and in need of psychiatric therapy. Leaps in logic, black and white thinking, I wonder what life must be like for these delusional writers who work so hard finding the right words to please their Governing Body masters.

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