What is this latest letter from the GB about?

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  • stuckinarut2

    We have been told this week that all in the elder and ms body will be read a letter from the GB about "make this the greatest month of activity ever"....

    Has anyone else had such a letter read out in their cong / servant body?

    I presume it will be all about "recommending strongly/insisting" that all these men should pioneer for the month?

  • Divergent

    I'm not sure myself, but just guessing.....

    Most likely, the letter would place strong emphasis on getting all elders & MSs to "set examples for the rest of the flock by having a full share"

    "Having a full share" would almost certainly mean to pioneer

    In other words, if they have NO GOOD REASON NOT TOO, then they MUST pioneer

  • jwfacts

    I have not seen it, but they like to do a push in August to get the publisher statistics up, as it is the last month of the service year. I thought maybe they will have a big preaching campaign in September, to be the anniversary of 100 years of the invisibile rule of Christ. That would get everyone excited that Armageddon may come in October; maybe they don't want to take that risk of failure.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    There was a BOE letter read to the Congregation. It has to do with the campaign in August.

    It also mentioned that either now or soon there will be a new video out promoting the new idol of the GB....www.JW.org. They want everyone to get on board and talk-up-a-storm the video as well talk-up-a-storm WT's idol.....www.jw.org among each other.

    In other words they everyone to go ga-ga over www.jw.org!

    Really bizarre & weird stuff coming out of this organization these days!!!!

  • smiddy

    In other words they (want) everyone to go ga-ga over www.jw.org!

    It`s like they have just discovered the internet .


  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    They read a letter looking about foward to the upcoming Tract Campaign in August and wanting everyone to have a fullest share as possibly can.

    Then the Elder announced that all the Elders and MS's are going to Aux Pioneer that month and that all the Elders will be passing out applications after the meeting. He even said we are have a goal of 75% to participate in the Pioneering work in August.

    (when my Group Overseer tied to hand me an app, I declined saying I need to talk it over with my family, and other words, NO.)

  • Divergent

    Ahh.. so what stuckinarut said about "recommending strongly / insisting" that elders / MSs pioneer turned out to be right. And my guess was correct too...

    Wait.. didn't they forget a very important Bible principle?

    2 Cor 9:7 - "Let each one do just as he has resolved in his heart, NOT grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver"

  • leaving_quietly

    Just remember, when they first announced this campaign, they prophesied that is was going to be 'historic' and 'the greatest witnessing campaign ever'. They must of realized after the fact that they made this campaign for what is historically known as the worst month of witnessing activity of the year due to it being so HOT (at least in the U.S.). So, in order to fulfill their man-made prophecy, they have to drum up soldiers to carry it out. Good luck with that, WT. Maybe your prophecy will come true. Maybe not.

  • AlphaMan

    Just remember, when they first announced this campaign, they prophesied that is was going to be 'historic' and 'the greatest witnessing campaign ever'.


    HA.....I laugh in their face a second time today. This will be the greatest JW waste of human time & resourses in their known history maybe. How could this August 2014 JW witnessing campaign be any greater than their belief that some of their "old light" conventions in the 1920's was fulfillment of the 7 trumpets of Revelation?

    I'm starting to get pretty fired up about this bat-shit crazy JW stuff. I'm sitting out front right now......why the hell can't some JW's come by today?

  • BluePill2

    Let me resume the GB letter for you in one pic:


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