What is this latest letter from the GB about?

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  • stuckinarut2

    Update! (I also posted this in the other thread about "all appointed men have to pioneer ...")

    At the service meeting this week during the announcements, as well as during the service meeting part about "will you auxiliary pioneer in August?" The names of all those pioneering was read out...

    I have always hated this form of "adulation" or "credit" that things brings the "righteous pioneers"...

    Anyway, then it was announced "so as you can see bros and sis, nearly every one of our appointed men are taking the lead in pioneering this month! Isn't that wonderful to see? " (clap clap clap etc....)

    BUT I am the only one who hasn't put in a form and of course my name wasn't read out! So I got asked afterwards, "did you need a form, or do you have one already?!"

    The attempted pressuring is out of control in this cong!!!

  • Splash

    stuckinarut2, the truth is that they are all very jealous that you have the strength of character to resist the pressure - something they all lack.

    They will hate you for this and pretend their disapproval is due to you not pioneering, not that you are actually a man with a mind of his own.


  • Focus

    What is this latest letter from the GB about?

    All cults have to do highly irrational things which, due to their irrationality, no one else does.

    That's what makes cults seem special to their idiotic or brainwashed followers, and confirms they are stupid to those who aren't.

    That explains what the letter from the GB is about.

    A frog farted in a pond. The Writing Staff at Bet-Hell came up with a new wheeze. About the same importance.

    Well, no. The frog-fart had more import.



    ("Explanation" Class)

  • sowhatnow

    so the requirement to do this work of the organization, pioneer,

    over steps the command to love your husband wife and children, honor your father and mother. it eliminates the requirement to

    care for your family , teach your children valuable life skills, get to have a close relationship with them, know them help them with school spend time with your mate,

    and other family members,or close friends. no one has time for much of anything outside this treadmill people are on. its no wonder no one has any freinds.

    the taking up of everyones time outside of the days necessities, has led to disaster. people dont even know what thier own kids are up to.

    how does anyone not see that?

    work what is good [not required by men] toward ALL , especially those related to us in the faith.

    yea not a single elder or atually anyone in the hall i left,

    knows where i live, let alone anything about me.

    they will come by not to see whats wrong and help, but to see why im not at the meeting. were all just assignments.

    they dont have time to really care, they have enough burdens, they cant care, they would use thier emotions, and conscience, and thats a barrier for dicipline.

    and maintain the standing they have to live up to for the society.

    those in new york dont have the burden of families and jobs, its easy for them to say!

  • stuckinarut2

    Great comment Splash!

    thankyou. You have given me the boost to keep strong.

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